Julia Krueger


Julia Krueger was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She studied art history and Canadian art history at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She received her BA with highest honours and her Master’s thesis: “Prairie Pots and Beyond: An Examination of Saskatchewan Ceramics from the 1960s to Present” was accepted in 2006 with distinction. In 2010, Julia completed a BFA in ceramics at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, where she collaborated on many projects with her sister, Yolande Krueger.


I am passionate about contemporary Canadian craft, especially Western Canadian ceramics and glass.  My past research endeavours have led me to examine noted ceramists such as Folmer Hansen, Jeannie Mah and Jack Sures, as well as early glass activities through the work of Norman Faulkner, Bob Held, François Houdé and Jim Norton. 
I have commenced PhD studies in order to examine how kitsch and eroticism are used in Canadian craft as transgressive tools to critique society and stir up the status-quo. Canadian craft is a rich area which produces debates around censorship, taste, class and stereotyping.  My research plan consists of amassing and analysing a critical mass of Canadian crafts people who use kitsch and/or eroticism in their work.  It is difficult to discuss eroticism and kitsch without setting up a binary of the pornographic versus the erotic and good taste versus bad taste.  However, binaries are problematic because they lead to oversimplification.  Instead, the notions of the erotic and kitsch will be used to complicate binaries, and it will be argued that both rely heavily on varying degrees of humour.  Although overt kitschy and erotic references can be dismissed as too soft and light hearted, humour and familiarity allows complex politics to be more accessible, making the crafted objects subversive.


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VAH 2291G - Gettin’ Your Hands Dirty: Canadian Craft and its Histories