Courses at Affiliate University Colleges

To request special permission to take a course at an affiliate college:

Students may be able to enrol in certain affiliated college courses themselves if the relevant course(s) are not offered on main during the same session, so try adding the course via web registration, and follow these special permission request steps below if you were unsuccessful in enrolling.  

  1. Check the online Academic Timetable when looking up a specific course.  If the 'Notes' section indicates that 'home faculty permission' is required and you were unable to add the course via web registration, first send an email to our academic counselling team with your request (

If the special permission has been granted and posted to Student Center, call the Helpline (519-661-2100) unless otherwise instructed, and ask them to enrol you in the relevant course(s); they can do this for you after your enrollment appointment (date) for as long as web registration is open

  1. If the Academic Timetable does not indicate that 'home faculty permission' is required nor that the course is restricted, your first step is to contact the specific affiliate college that offers the course you are interested in taking.  If they grant you permission to take the course, they can email our academic counselling team the special permission details.  Note that if the 'Notes' in the online timetable indicate that the course is restricted to a specific group of students, you will not be able to register for that course unless you are part of those groups.