Exam Conflicts

Midterm exam conflicts

If you have two exams at the same time please come into NCB280 and complete an Academic Consideration Form. You will need to list both exams, including the day and times and then check which exam you plan on moving. If only one exam has a make-up you will need to move that one. Please find out from your instructor when your make-up exams are scheduled. If no exam has a make-up you can decide.

Midterm 3 in 23 hours

The Faculty of Science will extend the University Exam Conflict Policy of 3 exams in 23 hours to midterm exams at our own discretion. Each case is reviewed separately and students must show how much the course component is worth when completing the paperwork. Course outlines may be required. If approved, we will allow you to move one of your midterm exams if you have three falling within 23 hours. Please come into our office and complete the Academic Consideration Form.

Final Exams

You will be notified by the registrar’s office if you are in a direct conflict, or have a multiple exam situation for your final exams. If you do, you can complete the necessary paperwork in Academic Counselling to move an exam. This would create a special exam which would usually be written in January (for December exams) or May (for April exams).

For more information on exam conflicts please visit the registrar website.