Next Steps

Plan to attend the Science Transfer Student Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) Day

Save the date in your calendars – June 27, 2018 (for students admitted into year 1 or 4) or July 11, 2018 (for students admitted into year 2 or 3). It is strongly recommended that you attend this event as you will get the chance to meet other transfer students who are new to Western just like you. You will also learn all about the services that are available at Western, what your degree will look like, and you will receive academic advising on a degree and course selection. You can even get help registering for your courses on this day!

Start thinking about which degree/module(s) you are interested in

Review the Academic Calendar for options. If you have already completed the first year requirements for the module(s) you want, you may register in the module(s) by completing the Change of Status Request form or in-person on SAO Day. If you change your mind later about which module(s) you want, don’t worry! You are not stuck with your choice. However, your course selection may depend on what you choose. Note, if you would like to complete an Honors degree at Western, you will need to complete one full year at Western before you can register for the Honors degree program.

Have your transfer credits evaluated

Transfer Students: If you received transfer credits that end in TRN, these are not exactly equivalent to Western courses. It is possible to have these credits assessed and changed if an exact equivalent exists at Western. You will want to do this if you are hoping to use your transfer credits as prerequisites for other courses at Western or as admission requirements for the module(s) you want.

Special Students: You already have an undergraduate degree so you will not receive transfer credits. However, you may still need to have your courses assessed for prerequisite standing to take upper year courses or to meet the admission requirements for the module(s) you want.

Credit Assessment: To have your courses assessed, please send an email to with your course outlines and your Western student number.

Note: If you did not receive credit for a course and you think you should have, please contact the Admissions Office. You may need to have your course assessed before you will be awarded credit. If that is the case, please follow the instructions above.

*** The earlier you start the assessment process, the more likely it is that you will be able to get into the courses you want/need. See below for course selection information. *** 

Enroll in courses

Your course enrolment appointment may occur prior to your designated SAO Day. If it does, feel free to enroll yourself in courses but be prepared to change them after speaking with an Academic Counsellor. If you need assistance with this, review this step-by-step guide. There may be some courses that the system will not permit you to enroll in. This is because it will not recognize your transfer credits. If you encounter this error (or require assistance with any other courses), please call the registration helpline at 519-661-2100. If you wish to wait and enroll in your courses on the SAO Day, you may do so – you will receive in-person assistance with this.

Attend the Science Transfer Student SAO Day

You must register in advance through Western’s Career Central. Registration will open in late May or early June – check your Western email. You should expect to be on campus for 8:30 am on either June 27, 2018, or July 11, 2018 (depending on your year level) and plan to be here for a few hours. If you cannot attend this day, please request an appointment. Phone appointments may be requested if you cannot come to campus. Note, you will not receive an appointment prior to your SAO Day.

Attend classes!

Classes begin on September 6, 2018.