Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student take a 0.5 course in Category A and a 0.5 course in Category B in first-year?

Yes. The Faculty of Science allows this combination, as well as a full 1.0 course in one of the two categories. However, this may also limit a student’s choice in terms of module and course selection in year 2, should they change faculties. To see what subjects are covered in each area, please click here.

Should Science/Medical Sciences students take an essay course in first-year?

Students should be advised to select option courses that are of particular interest to them, based on previous experience – not on the basis of whether the course is an essay course or not. Many modules have essay course built in.

What are the implications for a student who decides not to take any Calculus in first-year?

The student will be limiting his/her module choices as at least a 0.5 Calculus is required for most modules in Science and Basic Medical Sciences.

What Physics course should I take?

Read our flowchart (pdf) for more guidance on choosing a physics course.

Can a Science/Medical Sciences student take a course at an Affiliated University College?

All students at Western, including those in the Faculty of Science, can take 1.0 course at one of the Affiliated University Colleges per session, provided the course is not offered on the main campus.

What constitutes a ‘subject area’ in Science, to ensure a student has 4 different areas and no more than 2.0 courses in each?

Actuarial Science; Astronomy; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Earth Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Physics; Statistical Sciences – are all separate subject areas. Courses in Applied Mathematics, Calculus and Mathematics belong to the same subject area – the subject area of mathematics.