Review OWL and/or the course outline to look for any comments from your instructor regarding academic consideration procedures. Inform your instructor or course/lab coordinator (OWL or your course outline may indicate who to contact) immediately about the course component you will not be able to attend or complete.

Please see your instructor for approvals of missed course work, if your course outline doesn’t indicate how to handle missed course work 10% or under.


Please note:

Documents MUST be submitted through our Academic Counselling Help Portal.

If you can’t get an appointment with your family doctor when you are ill, it is expected that you will use a virtual walk-in clinic or a walk-in clinic or try to get into Student Health on campus. You must be seen at the time of illness for your notes to be valid.

Medical notes will be required for COVID. We are NOT accepting positive COVID tests as documentation. If an in-person clinic or your family doctor won’t see you then you must use on online health care provider or my virtual doctor