Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI)

Ontario Research Fund - Research Infrastructure  (ORF-RI)

CFI and ORF – RI are federal and provincial research funding programs that together fund infrastructure at Western. Infrastructure includes state of the art equipment, laboratories, databases, specimens, scientific collections, computer hardware and software, communications linkages and buildings necessary to conduct leading – edge research.  For more information on CFI funding opportunities please see the CFI website

Management of the day-to-day CFI awards for Western is the responsibility of:

Research Finance

Justin Riedstra 
Financial Officer, Infrastructure Programs
519.661.2111 Ext. 85453

Kelly McFalls
Accounting Analyst, Infrastructure Programs
519.661.2111 Ext. 85605

Procurement Services:

Peter Jeffs
Procurement Manager, Strategic Sourcing
519.661.2111 Ext. 84584

Scott Roth
Procurement & Contract Specialist
519.661.2111 Ext. 82779

CFI projects are restricted to the purchasing of items that have been requested on the finalized budget.  Research Finance assists the Researcher in the procurement of the budgeted items and the financial management and reporting of their funds after following conditions have been met:
  • CFI application is approved.
  • ORF-RI application is approved by the province.
  • The budget is finalized with the award agreement in place.
  • Competitive bid guidelines met

Research Finance will hold an initial “Ready to Purchase” meeting with the Project Leader, Procurement Services, Facilities Management(if applicable) and Research Development to outline the Procurement and Financial reporting process.  The following outlines Western’s CFI post-award process, as discussed during this initial meeting:

Procuring your items - How to

Spending on a CFI project can begin once the award agreement is received and the budget finalized. If Advance Spending is required prior to this point, pre-approval must be obtained. Please contact Wendy McCallum, Finance Officer, Federal Infrastructure Programs for more information.

Utilize the Costing Worksheet: Upon award finalization a final costing worksheet is completed with the assistance of Procurement Services. This list details the eligible items requested and approved by CFI and should be used to procure your items. Only these items may be purchased. For information on making changes to the itemized list please see Changes to the Itemized List and Delivery Delays below.

Mustang Market: Equipment for CFI projects should be procured using the e-Procurement system, Mustang Market. Once your CFI contract is executed and the accounts activated an account number will be provided to you (at the initial “Ready to Purchase” meeting). For instructions on how to use Mustang Market for CFI orders please see the Mustang Market Reference Guide.

Equipment Received

Possibility of Damaged Goods
If goods are received and there appears to be damage to the boxes, your Loading Dock Receiving Personnel or whomever is responsible for receiving your equipment must do the following:

  • Mark on the receiving slip from the transporter – the potential damage with an explanation as to the condition of the box.
  • If severely damaged, contact Procurement Services immediately at 519.661.2111 Ext. 84579.
  • If possible take digital images of the damaged shipment box.

Packing Slips
When goods are received you should receive a packing slip with them. Please keep these packing slips (we suggest putting them with a copy of the purchase order for the equipment). If your project is selected for audit, CFI requires the packing slips as proof of delivery.


Vendors normally send invoices for payment of your equipment directly to Accounts Payable

For Invoices Over $50,000

  • Accounts Payable will contact you by email for your authorization to pay the invoice, a copy of which will be attached so you have all related information
  • You will be asked to confirm receipt of the equipment (in good order) and that it is operational. If the terms of the purchase include installation and/or training, these should be complete prior to authorizing payment.
  • If there are concerns with the equipment instruct Account Payable NOT to pay the invoice. Payment will be placed on hold. If you are waiting for installation or training, then once it has occurred, contact Accounts Payable to release the payment. If there are concerns you need assistance with, i.e. damaged goods, please contact Peter Jeffs, Procurement Manager, Strategic Sourcing at ext 84584, or Scott Roth, Procurement & Contract Specialist, at ext 82779. Procurement Services and Research Finance should be informed of any issues you are having with equipment/vendors.

For Invoices Under $50,000

  • Any invoices received from vendors that are under $50,000 are paid automatically. This is also the case if your order is over $50,000 but the vendor ships in multiple shipments and bills on multiple invoices that are less than $50,000.
  • If you wish not to pay a particular order until you provide authorization, you must inform Research Finance when submitting the purchase order so it can be placed on HOLD. A note will be placed on the order instructing Accounts Payable to contact you for approval to pay. This procedure does not allow any invoices to be paid without your approval.

Changes to the Itemized List & Delivery Delays


  • Changes to your itemized list (ie: model changes, changes in functionality, additions) need to be discussed with Procurement Services and Research Finance before the purchase order is submitted.
  • You cannot delete an item without approval.
  • Some changes may need to go to CFI for Approval. - CFI must be asked for approval for:
    1. any changes that have a negative impact on the project and research objectives, regardless of their cost implication
    2. Any new item (including increases in the quantity of an item) for which the cost exceeds $50,000.
    3. Deletion of an item depending on value and nature of the item.

If CFI approval is not required then a brief explanation must be provided to Research Finance for any changes or amendments for inclusion on the final report or for audit

All items from your itemized list must be purchased BEFORE any new or additional items can be purchased. Once all items have been purchased savings can be used to purchase accessories for a line item that aligns with the intent of the project and as long as each item is less than $50,000. CFI approval must be sought for items > $50,000

Delivery Delays

If you are expecting delivery of equipment and it has been delayed please contact Procurement Services and Research Finance ASAP. They can then assist in rectifying the situation and possibly report the delay to CFI if necessary.

If you are having other challenges with a vendor please contact Procurement Services ASAP. They need to know this information and will provide assistance.

Return of Equipment

If you are returning equipment please to contact Procurement Services and Research Finance. Both units need informed of returns in order to ensure your project is billed correctly and to update the tracking worksheets. Some equipment returns also carry restocking charges that are not eligible on CFI. Procurement Services may be able to help you negotiate these charges

Personnel on the Award - What is Required?

Personnel costs on your itemized list can be handled in different ways depending on the amount of time the individuals are spending on the project.

Please contact Research Finance to determine the best way to process your personnel costs.


In order for construction/renovations to begin a routing form signed by your Dean is required. Please contact Research Finance.

Your main contact for your construction/renovation project is the Project Manager from Facilities Management that is assigned to your project. Research Finance needs to be informed of any scope changes or delays. In some instances delays may need to be communicated to CFI. Any additions/changes to a project need to be preapproved /discussed with Research Finance PRIOR to Facilities Management completing any work, as the change may be outside of what was previously approved. Delays in construction/renovation may also require delaying equipment delivery and may impact cash flows from CFI.

Financial Reporting

All financial reporting for CFI projects are completed by Research Finance. They will be in contact with you regarding the financial report.

All annual progress reports are completed online by the PI. Research Development Services will be in contact with you with regards to the report and its due date.

Anticipated End Date - What does this mean?

CFI establishes an anticipated end date for your project, which is directly tied to the Award Finalization document and to your forecasting of when goods will be procured.

The anticipated end date is a date you indicated to CFI that your spending will be complete. If not completed by this date or within a few months after, an extension will be required.

The extension request with justification should be submitted to CFI prior to the anticipated end date. This request is written by you and submitted by Research Development to CFI.

Research Finance will be in contact with you approximately 3 months prior to your end date to discuss.

If you are having difficulties with your project that you believe will cause delays please contact Research Finance ASAP.