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Procurement Services seeks the best value and invites competitive prices whenever practical.  We assist the University with the procurement process of all material and services and ensure that we are fair, open and transparent.

The following units have been delegated operational responsibilities for procurement (within certain limits) and may be contacted directly by vendors wishing to market products and services:

Western University participates in several buying groups to obtain the best value for the university.

Buying Group Members Opportunity Location
(Ontario University Professional Procurement Management Association)
Ontario Universities and Colleges

Various depending on the lead institution running procurement for the group

(Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace)
Ontario Education Institutions OECM Marketplace
(Elgin Middlesex Oxford Purchasing Cooperative)
Public Institutions EMOP website
Canadian Association of University Business Officers
Canadian Universities CAUBO website
(Ministry of Government and Consumer Services)
Public Institutions MGS website

Procurement Models

Procurement Services currently uses one of two procurement models when tendering for goods and services;

Negotiated Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Negotiated Request for Proposal (RFP) is a solicitation process which Western uses to seek competitive offers from vendors for the procurement of goods and services.  The RFP outlines the deliverables, evaluation process, contract terms, and provides guidance on how vendor proposals should be formatted and submitted.

Best Value Procurement Model

  • The Best Value Procurement Model was created by Arizona State University who Western has been working with to learn and practice this model of procurement.  Western is currently using this model for selected projects only but as we progress will be moving toward this model (where appropriate) in the future. Please find below videos explaining the Best Value Procurement Model from the vendor perspective.  Should you have any questions regarding this procurement model please contact Procurement Services.

New Vendor Request

Procurement Services will work directly with vendors to obtain required information to set up a vendor profile in our system. Note new vendor profiles will only be created when a purchase order is being issued.
Vendors will recieve an email from providing a new vendor request form via a secure email link.
You may contact Procurement Services ( to authenticate this email.

Small Supplier HST Declaration

Those vendors that qualify as a Small supplier and are NOT HST registered should complete the HST Declaration.  Once the form is complete please return it to Procurement Services.

Vendor Change Request

Current Western vendors can complete and submit this form to notify Western of any changes to their vendor profile such as a new address.

Competitive Bid Process

Current bidding opportunities for Western University are posted on Merx (Canada's electronic tendering service).  All competitive bids are handled by Procurement Services and questions or concerns should be directed to our office, 519.661.2211 Ext. 84579 rather than departments and faculties.

If a vendor wishes to challenge the outcome of a competitive bid process, it should provide written notice to the Western contact noted on the Request for Proposal (RFP) within 60 days of award notification - Bid Dispute Resolution.

Purchase Order Requirement

A purchase order must be created prior to a vendor providing goods or services to Western.  Should a vendor engage directly with a unit without a Purchase Order in place, note that Western is not obligated to pay for those goods and services.  Exceptions apply when units procure goods and services through Western's Visa Purchasing Card Program.

Vendor Invoices

Vendor invoices should reference the Purchase Order number provided by Western and be sent directly to:

The University of Western Ontario
Accounts Payable
1393 Western Road
Support Services Building
Suite 6100
London, ON
N6G 1G9

Note:  Western must make payment to the HST registrant; kindly ensure that invoices reflect your business name as provided to Canada Revenue Agency. For complete listing of what is required on an invoice please reference Accounts Payable - Invoice Requirements


Western has implemented an electronic funds transfer and remittance process to streamline the payment process.  Currently, this service is only available to vendors with Canadian bank accounts - Should you like to receive electronic payments, please contact Procurement Services at

VPA Payments

Western Procurement Services has partnered with Scotiabank to offer Visa Payables Automation(VPA) as a payment option to our supplier community.  Our goal is to leverage the commercial card program in order to improve process efficiencies and to reduce the cost of manual payment processing.

How does VPA benefit our suppliers?

  • Payment efficiency - Western's payment terms are Net 0 - 7 days from invoice approval for suppliers who accept VPA as a payment method.
  • Working capital benefits - reducing receivables and accelerating cash flow into the organization by:
                     - The cost of borrowing is greater than the merchant fees resulting in a net gain;
                     - More predictability around cash;
                     - Leveraging reporting allows for easy reconcilation of invoicing; and
                     - Resource effectiveness through easy access to data and getting funds sooner.

Process efficiency - reduced paperwork and streamlined accounts receivables process.
Statistically lower risk of fraud.

How it works

Upon enrolling, suppliers will be directed to access a secure Visa website to obtain the credit card account which will be used to process future VPA payments. Suppliers will receive an automated remittance notification email alerting the supplier of the payment available for deposit, along with other pertinent details of the transaction. 

Enrollment and Questions

If you have questions regarding Western's VPA program, please contact: 

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