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User Roles

There are 3 roles available in the marketplace. Staff can have 1 or more roles assigned to them, as determined by their unit/faculty; Researchers automatically have all 3 roles for their Research Projects and can delegate any of the three roles to staff working on the project. Researcher's must complete and submit a Delegation of Authority Signing form to give approval (spending authority) on a Research Project.

Roles at a glance

• Shopper: can create a shopping cart
• Requisitioner: can submit a requisition
• Approver: can approve a requisition

Roles In Detail

The table below provides a list of activities for the three different roles:

User Roles Allowed Activities Other Information
Shopper with CartShopper Search vendor catalogues.
• Compare pricing.
• Create shopping carts and add items.
• Complete activities by assigning the shopping cart to a Requisitioner.
A researcher can request supplies to be ordered by support staff and indicate which account to be charged. Requests of this nature must be made in writing  to ensure a proper audit trail is created.
RequisitionerRequisitioner All Shopper activities plus:
• Edit shopping carts submitted to them by others.
• Must assign SpeedCodes and Accounts.
• Complete activities by submitting a requisition for approval.
The order placed by the shopper is assigned to a requisitioner who is familiar with the dept / research project and assigned speedcodes and accounts, once submitted, the cart is directed to the Approver or Researcher automatically.
ApproverApprover Approve requisitions submitted by others.
• Delegated approvals are limited to spending authority amounts.

The Approver / Researcher receives the completed requisition to review. At this stage the order can be returned for correction, denied or approved.