Financial Services


Will I still need to get quotes for orders over $10,000?

  • Yes, the process for orders over $10,000 will not change but now you can attach quotes right in Mustang Market.

How can I turn of my email notifications?

  • Under View My Profile, go to Email Preferences. To turn off email notifications for approvals, change the PR pending Workflow approval setting to None.

How can I bookmark the login page?

  • Bookmark the Western Log in page for Mustang Market > Copy this link: > Go the bookmark in your bookmark list > Right click on the bookmark > Select Properties > In the URL box paste the link above > Apply > Ok

What is the difference between a Shopper and a Requisitioner?

  • A shopper can add items to a cart but cannot submit the cart to create a requisition. A shopper must assign a cart to a Requisitioner who can then submit the order. Shoppers are typically users who do not have access to speedcodes or account codes and require a Requisitioner to add this information.

How do I make a change to a requisition that is still pending in workflow?

  • Go into the requisition and click on the PR Approvals tab to check who is scheduled to approve the requisition next. Contact that person and have them go into the requisition and select “Return To Requisitioner” under the Available Actions drop-down menu. You can leave a comment or attach a document without having the approver return your requisition by going to the Comments tab on the requisition.

Why did I receive a notification to approve a requisition?

  • All requisitions require departmental approval which is based on department code (and tied to speedcode). There may be several approvers for the same department code and they will all receive a notification that a requisition requires approval. Only one person from the department needs to approve the order.

Why do I get an error message when I click on a link in an email requesting me to approve a requisition?

  • In most cases, there are multiple approvers receiving the same notification. If the requisition has already been approved by another approver, then you will receive an error notification when you attempt to approve the order again using the link in the email. Another way to verify that the order has been approved by another approver, is to log into Mustang Market and go to Requisitions Needing Approval. If the order has already been approved you will no longer see the approval item in the department folder.

How do I set up an approval code to approve a requisition via email?

  • If you would like to approve via email, you will have to set up your approval code in your profile. Instructions to do this can be found on page 12 of the Approver User Guide.

How do I contact a vendor about my catalogue order?

Can an Approver with the appropriate level of authority shop/requisition and approver their order?

  • Yes, as long as the Approver is setup with the Requisitioner role.

When an Approver assigns a substitute Approver or delegates his/her authority, can he/she still view the order?

  • The Approver can see the order in their Approval folder before it has been approved by the delegated Approver. However, once the order is approved and it is no longer in the approval folder, it can no longer be viewed.

Can a Requisitioner assign a substitute Requisitioner?

  • Yes, this can be done on the "View Draft Shopping Carts" screen (Shop > My Carts and Orders). The assignee must have a Requisitioner role.

Can an assigned substitute approver delegate the role to another substitute?

  • Yes, as long as the new substitute has an Approver role.

When a shared cart is created, can anyone in the shared cart group submit the order?

  • <Yes, anyone in the shared group with a Requisitioner role can submit the order./li>

What does it mean when I receive a system-generated email stating 'Your requisition has been returned'?

  • This is likely the result of budget not being available for the Fund/Project entered on the requisition. Refer to the History tab of the requisition to view the budget error message. Contact Financial Services (Special Funds for Fund 4, Research Finance for Fund 2) to get a budget set up for your project.