MAPP 2.8 Updates

June 5, 2024

Effective this month, MAPP 2.8 Procurement of Materials and Services Policy and related Procedure have been updated. The key updates are as follows:

  • Incorporating sustainability criteria into purchasing decision making, including environmental, social, governance and ethical impacts of procurement. This includes the addition of Western’s Supplier Code of Conduct into contract and purchase order terms.
  • Updates to authority limits
  • Where feasible, encouraging the use of internal university departments as suppliers for departmental requests for goods and services. Examples include the Book Store, Print Services, and Hospitality Services.
  • Updates to comptetitive bid guidelines


Competitive Bid Guidelines

The thresholds for multiple quote requirements have increased as follows:

  • Up to $25,000 - recommend obtaining a minimum of one quote
  • $25,001 to $75,000 - two verbal quotes minimum, three preferable with the awarded quote documented in writing
  • $75,001 to $121,200 - minimum of three formal quotes
  • Over $121,200 - competitively bid through an electronic open bid system (engage Procurement Services to facilitate this process)

Key Items to Note:

  • The Order Forms in Mustang Market will be updated from $10k to $25k (with values less than $25k not requiring multiple quotes for the purpose of complying with MAPP 2.8 procedure).
  • The required threshold for an open competitive procurement process, managed by Procurement Services, is increasing from $100,000 to $121,200.

For assistance with navigating procurement thresholds and purchasing tools, we have developed a new Procurement Decision Matrix.


Training and Resources

Attend one of our information sessions to learn more about these updates as well as incorporating the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act into your procurements.

No registration is required. Sessions will be held in Zoom. 



Meeting ID: 977 9884 8967

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Sustainable Procurement

All procurements must consider sustainability – environmental, social, and governance and ethical considerations. Please visit our Sustainable Procurement website for guidance. 

For additional guidelines and help, please visit our website, attend one of our Procurement Workshops, or email