Professional Expense Reimbursement Program (PER) Highlights

February 03, 2021

Home Office Furniture

PER will be expanded such that home office furniture be an allowable item for the 2021 year. However, CRA has not provided guidance whether this would be considered a non‐taxable benefit for the 2021 year and may not change their administrative position. As a result, any office furniture reimbursements in 2021 may give rise to a taxable benefit to be reported on employee’s 2021 T4. All office furniture expenses incurred in 2021 must be submitted and approved before the end of calendar 2021. Office furniture claims will be subject to a maximum of $500 or the PER balance, whichever is less. The maximum reimbursement for office furniture in the 2021 calendar year is $500.

General Information

The claimant’s Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the expenses were incurred during the course of employment at Western and relate to the staff member’s work and/or professional development prior to approving.

All expenses should be at a reasonable cost based on the need, and a regular item that would otherwise be put through the operating budget.

Wearable Technology (i.e. Apple watches & headphones)

Only eligible in rare circumstances. Please check with if uncertain

EquipmentTo be eligible, equipment must be used primarily (>90%) for work purposes.

There must be sufficient funds in the claimants PER account to cover the full cost of the equipment. All equipment purchased is the property of Western University. Equipment is not eligible for reimbursement within 12 months of retirement or the end of employment contract.

Internet – Internet charges must be allocated between business use and personal use.

Only business use of internet is eligible for reimbursement. Click here for an example on how to calculate eligible portion.

Common Eligible Expenses

  • membership fees for professional associations (excluding PMA memberships);
  • subscriptions (excluding newspapers), journals, books related directly to the individual’s role at Western;
  • supplies (related to the staff member’s work), course materials, internet access, etc.
  • computer software and upgrades and equipment related to the staff member’s work (see below);
  • registration fees for conferences;
  • travel, including transportation, food and accommodation (subject to the University’s travel policies) related professional development;


Information about your PER account

Log in to Western Financials using your Western user ID and password.

Click on the Professional Expense (PER) tile

Here you can navigate to see the following information:

  • Available balance
  • Allocation History
  • My PER Claims (current & past claims)


Supporting Documentation

Original, itemized receipts should clearly indicate the amount paid and the nature of the expenditure. For example, a cash register tape from a supplier must be supplemented by a description of the item purchased. In the case of Internet access for business purposes, a minimum of three monthly bills should be provided (the first and last service months to be reimbursed, along with one other month to demonstrate continuation of the service throughout the reimbursement period). Electronic attachment of supporting documentation is encouraged for online claims to expedite final approval and reimbursement.

How Will my Professional Expense Reimbursement Claim be Paid?

Reimbursements will be paid by direct deposit to your bank account listed in your My HR profile.

What is the Deadline to Spend my Professional Expense Reimbursement Balance?

Information about carry forward provisions and spending deadlines may be found on the Flex Credits for Western Employees Page. 

Please contact for any inquiries.

Thank you,

The Western Reimbursement Team