Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre features Apex, Flex, Free Motion, Gravitron, Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Polaris, Universal, Woodway equipment, and over 9000 lbs. of free weights. It is staffed throughout the day to assist members with any questions.

Fitness Centre - General Expectations / Policies

  • Sports and Recreation Department reserves the right to put into effect any new guidelines to protect the health, safety and integrity of all members using Campus Recreation facilities
  • Members are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by all rules and regulations of the Western Student Recreation Centre
  • Not all rules are posted in immediate areas. If a staff member requests your cooperation, please adjust your behavior. If you have questions about a specific policy, please see Campus Recreation staff
  • Failure to comply with staff instructions and proper facility use may result in temporary or permanent loss of facility and/or membership privileges
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to render judgment and decisions on policies not specifically covered.
  • All individuals exercise at their own risk. No person under the age of 16 may be in the Fitness Center. A physical performed by your family physician is recommended for those individuals who answer yes to one of more of the questions on a PAR-Q
  • Stop your workout and seek help immediately if you experience any injury including light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, or any other discomfort
  • Because of increased risk of injury, it is recommended that jewelry be removed prior to participating in any activities or before utilizing any equipment in the fitness areas
  • Slamming or dropping weight stacks, plates, or dumbbells is prohibited. Always maintain control while exercising. Users must return bars/weights and fitness equipment to their proper locations immediately after use
  • Any activity that may damage the facility/equipment or is deemed unsafe by fitness staff must be stopped immediately
  • Weight collars/ or clips are required on all barbells
  • Users must return dumbbells/bars/weights to their appropriate storage racks when finished. Never rest any weights against walls, on floor, or on top of benches
  • No tobacco products (including e-cigarettes), open-drinks or food allowed. Beverages are only permitted if contained in a plastic sports bottle with a secured top (NO cups or glassware)
  • Exercises that are deemed unsafe by Western Student Recreation Center staff are prohibited. This includes any inverted exercise, exercises that result in going above/on top of equipment, break dancing, cartwheels and other gymnastics moves in their entirety
  • Report any facility/equipment irregularity including damaged or broken equipment to the Fitness Centre Attendant or other Western Student Recreation Centre staff
  • Respect for equipment, facility, staff, and other members must be demonstrated at all times (ex. – no cursing, yelling, loud and/or excessive cell phone use). Inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion and/or loss of additional recreational privileges
  • Exercise equipment should be used for its intended purpose. No modifications can be made to exercise equipment. For example, propping benches on top of other exercise equipment and wedging barbells in a corner is strictly prohibited
  • Personal exercise equipment is not permitted, example gravity boots. Small personal items such as bands, belts or foam rollers are permitted however Western Student Recreation Centre is not liable for any damages or personal injury
  • Book bags, workout bags, purses, pocketbooks, laptop cases and books are to be secured in a day use locker (locks are avaible for rent or purchase at the equipment desk.) Campus Recreation  is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Only string bags are allowed in the fitness centre.
  • Members shall clean equipment after each use. Complementary sanitizing wipes are avaible throughout the facility
  • During registered cycle classes, all non registered participants must vacate the spin bikes
  • Cell phone use for talking or messaging is prohibited in the fitness centre. Photography and audio/video recording is prohibited in all areas of the facility without prior approval
  • Fitness Attendant staff will provide general equipment inquires only. See the personal training staff for fitness assessments and programs
  • Please allow others waiting for the machine to work into your rotation
  • Repeated offenses may result in temporary and/or permanent loss of membership
  • No outside personal training/exercise instruction is allowed. Only a qualified/certified CRC personal trainer may perform personal training. Providing these services may result in dismissal from the WSRC and loss of membership

Personal Trainer: Those who provide fitness advice and/or assist in the training of others in a one-to-one or group situation in a health/fitness center regardless of payment exchange or not.

Personal Training: The act of any one and or/all of the following: screening and evaluating health and fitness, designing exercise programs, instructing in exercise techniques, supervising and monitoring others, and/or responding to questions and problems that arise.

Campus Recreation requires all trainers in departmental facilities or in association with departmental programming to maintain certification through a nationally recognized organization and meet specific academic requirements essential for quality personal training.

Campus Recreation prohibits unauthorized personal training for the following reasons:

  1. The department cannot adequately control the quality of training from individuals that are not employed by the Campus Recreation. Non-Campus Recreation staff may not have adequate academic preparation, ability, training, or experience to correctly train clients. In addition, our facilities are limited in their ability to regulate these individuals in order to prevent or correct potential erroneous information or technique passed on to its clients.
  2.  Even if a person maintains a nationally recognized training certification, if that person is not employed by the department, that person has not been trained by Campus Recreation Department on the policies, rules, guidelines, procedures, or standards that are specific to our facilities and equipment.
    - A legal liability arises for the department if we are aware of outside trainers working within our facilities and an unauthorized trainer is involved in the injury of a patron.
  3. Profiting from the use of university property -- i.e. Campus Recreation equipment or facilities -- without consent is illegal.


Patrons interested in receiving personal training services are encouraged to discuss options with a Campus Recreation staff member or seek opportunities outside of Campus Recreation facilities.

  • Please allow others waiting for the machine to work into your rotation
  • Weight collars are required on all barbells
  • Any activity that may damage the facility/equipment or is deemed unsafe by fitness staff must be stopped immediately
  • Repeated offenses may result in temporary and/or permanent loss of membership

Fitness Centre Footwear and Attire Policy
  • For safety and/or facility maintenance reasons, appropriate sport or exercise clothing and footwear is required for participants
  • Jeans, zippers, belts, snaps, metal studs, and other materials on clothing that may damage equipment, upholstery or flooring are not permitted
  • Bags and personal clothing must be stored in day lockers, and not left on or around equipment
  • Indoor clean athletic footwear is required at all time in all locations of the fitness centre. Shoes that are dirty or that leave marks on the floor or equipment may be banned from use. Crocs are not permitted in our fitness centre even if in sport mode.
  • Clothing with profane language, inappropriate subjects, etc. are not permitted to be worn in the facility
  • Campus Recreation staff has final say in determining appropriate clothing
  • At all times in the fitness centre members must have their gluteus maximus, and nipples covered. Clothing that does not provided 100% coverage while exercising and moving will be deemed inappropriate.

Please note:
All rules are subject to interpretation by the Director, Recreation & Active Well-being and the Program Coordinator, Fitness and Wellness. If asked to display the Western One card by any Campus Recreation staff member, all users must comply.