Indoor Volleyball Regulations


The Intramural sport convener may modify these rules at their discretion. The Intramural sport convener and officials have the discretion to rule on any matter not covered by these rules.

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Number of Players

• A five (5) player minimum is necessary to play the game. Any team that plays with five (5) players will be required to play with an empty position and must indicate this position to the official. When that empty position comes up in the service rotation, it is an automatic loss of point. Maximum roster size = 15 players (including a minimum of 3 of each gender for coed leagues).
• Coed Rules: For the coed divisions, a maximum of three (3) players of either sex are allowed on the court at any given time. A minimum of 5 (total players) including 2 players of each gender are needed to avoid a default.
• In cases where teams only have 2 of a particular gender, they must play shorthanded (i.e., 5 [3M:2F] vs. 6 [3M:3F]), you may not replace the missing person with someone of the opposite gender. If this is not possible, the offending team will default.
If a team has less than two (2) players of either gender at any time in the contest (due to injury or suspension) the team will forfeit the contest.

• All games will begin at exactly 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Exceeding this time will result in a default. A 50 minute time cap is placed on all matches. A two (2) minute warning will be given to both teams if games reach the 50 minute time cap. The score at the conclusion of the 50 minutes will be the final score (a two (2) point margin is not required). Timeouts will not be allowed in the third set. 
• A minimum of four (4) players are needed to finish the contest if injuries and ejections occur. If a team is unable to finish the game it will be declared a forfeit. The empty position rule still applies on all injuries.

The Game


In general, our rules are governed by the 
Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA). Please see our house rules below for exceptions.

I. All matches will be a best 2 out of 3 games. For Rec and Comp, a cap will be placed at 27 for the first 2 games, and 17 for the third.
II. No jump serves are permitted in the Recreational leagues.
III. In Recreational leagues, servers must alternate genders.
IV. Liberos are not permitted in Recreational leagues.
V. Substitutions: A player may substitute for another player (up to a maximum of 12 substitutions) or a team can choose to play in a continuous rotations format. A team must continue the same style of substitution for the entire match.
VI.Coed Rules: Each gender must touch the ball if a team uses all three touches to put the ball over the net.
VII. Coed Rules: For the coed divisions, a maximum of three (3) players of either sex are allowed on the court at any given time. A minimum of two (2) players of either sex are needed to avoid a default. If a team has less than two (2) players of either gender at any time in the contest (due to injury or ejection) the team will forfeit the contest.
VIII. Net Heights are as follows:
Men’s Leagues will be played at 7 holes (2.43 m)
Coed Comp/Rec Leagues will be played at 6 holes (2.35 m)
Women’s Leagues will be played at 5 holes (2.24 m)
IX. Teams are allowed one (1) timeout per set in the first two sets. No timeouts are allowed in the third set.
X. Jump float serves are considered a jump serve.
XI. No step ins will be allowed for any gyms in the Western Student Recreation Centre.
XII. Any contact on the net with any body part will result in a point to the opposing team.
XIII. Allowed to step/land on the line under the net, if any body part crosses over the line and touches the opponent side court, it will be a point to the opposing team.


• Non marking running shoes and proper gym attire.


• The first 2 games are played to 25 points with a cap at 27, and the third game is played to 15 points with a cap at 17.


• League finals will be a best 3 out of 5 games.


Campus Recreation Intramural Sports at Western University holds sportsmanship as “Our Golden Rule of Sport”. Sportsmanship is a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean, handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity, respecting the judgment of referees and officials, and treating opponents with respect. Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you.

Playing Field Conditions

• Intramural staff has full authority to suspend/cancel games if they believe the playing conditions are unsafe.  Games will be rescheduled, if possible.
• In the event of a problem with lights or leakages, captains will be notified and games will be rescheduled, if possible.
• When in doubt, players should expect the game to be played and arrive at the indoor facility on time. If games get/are to be cancelled the sport convener will send out a message to those affected as soon as the decision to cancel has been made.

Game Reschedules

I. Cancelled Games (due to weather, space conflicts etc.) will be rescheduled whenever possible to ensure you get the Intramural experience you paid for, however facility availability is limited, and games may not always be able to be rescheduled.
II. Team Requests for a Reschedule - Unfortunately, once our schedules are released online we only make changes due to facility closure, etc.
III. If you need to reschedule a game, email your opponent to gain their permission to a possible rescheduling. Only if the opponent agrees to a change of game time can you email your Intramural sport convener at least 48 hours prior to the game with your request (and proof of opponent’s agreement). Requests will be accommodated when possible, but are not guaranteed. If you wish to swap game times with another game in your division, you must contact the captains of all teams involved in the game swap. The swap can only occur if all parties agree. This must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled game. Proof of all agreements must be sent to the Sport Convener before the game time swap can be executed.
IV. Forfeit the game: If you give at least 48 hours’ notice to your sport specific convener that your team won't be playing and that the game is a ‘forfeit’. You will lose the game, but not your Performance Bond.