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Sam Erdelyi

My name is Sam Erdelyi, and I'm a 4th year BFA student taking the 2020/2021 Studio Art Practicum class. The Student Donation Fund is assisting the class with the process of publishing an artist catalogue of our work.We hope that the distribution of our catalogue facilitates connection between members of Western’s Visual Art department, and contributes to the dialogue between Western and the larger art community, extending outside of the classroom. With the drastic changes that online learning has brought to Western, we are very excited about this opportunity to engage with the Visual Arts department through our work!

Sam Wagter

Hello! For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, either through class or through my work with Jennifer Martin, My name is Sam Wagter and I am finishing my fourth and final year of my BFA and I am currently the Artlab’s Student Intern! I am so excited that I have been able to assist the Artlab in receiving funding for a Matrox TripleHead2Go adapter, which is used to split a single video port into three, now enabling faculty and students to work in double and triple display video installations. As well, we have received funding for two high quality Genelec speakers, which will improve the overall audio capabilities for video and sound works in the Artlab. I hope that these new additions to the gallery’s tech will facilitate media-based works, and encourage our future students (and faculty!) to explore new forms of art which they may have never been able to try before!


Student Donation Fund

The Arts & Humanities Student Donation Fund allows for the support of undergraduate student initiatives that will greatly improve upon their overall experience. Over the past several years, a number of student and faculty-driven projects have come to fruition and improved the experience of our undergraduate students. Funds have been allocated towards publications, special guest lectures and events, audio/visual equipment and more. 

Funds from the Arts and Humanities Student Donation will be distributed by a committee composed of student and faculty representatives. The mandate of this committee is to allocate funds only to projects that directly enhance the University experience of Arts and Humanities undergraduate students. Only Arts and Humanities students may submit proposals for consideration, and these proposals must be launched by students who have not opted out of the Student Donation Fund. For purchases over $2000, the applicant will have to secure at least two (2) quotes.

The SDF will not fund requests for individual prizes given to students. Only Arts and Humanities students may submit proposals for consideration.

Proposals Accepted January 29 - February 12, 2021

Visit Arts & Humanities Students' Council website for current application