Art Now! Speakers' Series Presents: Art in the Public Sphere #3


Art Now! Speakers' Series

Thursday, October 19, NCB 113, 7 PM

The Returners: Seven Conversations

With Special Guest Speakers: Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning & Quinn Smallboy

Dolleen Manning – Indigenous artist-scholar and curator
Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning (Ojibwe/Potawatomi) is a Doctoral Candidate at the Centre for the study of Theory and Criticism at Western University, an artist, and an emerging curator. She works at the intersection of Anishinaabe ontology and epistemology, critical theory, phenomenology, and art. Her dissertation Mnidoo-Worlding: Merleau-Ponty and Anishinaabe Philosophical Translations, turns to Ojibwe concepts such as mnidoo (spirit or other-than-human) to propose an interrelational theory of consciousness that involves a possession by these living potencies. 

Quinn Smallboy – Artist, MFA, Western 
Quinn Smallboy is originally from Moose Factory, Ontario, and member of the Moose Cree First Nation.  He is an MFA candidate in Visual Arts at Western University and lives in London, Ontario. As an artist, his aim is to draw attention to the struggles surrounding Indigenous culture and art.  

The Department of Visual Arts at Western University is pleased to present the Art in the Public Sphere series of speakers and exhibitions. This important series provides unique opportunities to engage with local, national, and international artists, curators, and scholars. All events hosted at Western University are free and are open to the public. Coinciding with the departments' 50th anniversary celebrations, Visual Arts presents, "The Returners" featuring past graduates, faculty and artists originally from London Ontario. The Fall 2017 series is organized by Prof. Patrick Mahon as part of ongoing academic offerings at the Department of Visual Art at Western University.