Quinn Smallboy, Playing a String Game, Exhibition

Quinn Smallboy
Playing a String Game

August 10 to September 9, 2017 at McInsosh Gallery


Quinn Smallboy
Image Details: Quinn Smallboy, Nest, string and metal, 9’ x 5” x 5”, 2017

Quinn Smallboy’s work explores symbolic images that refer to Indigenous cultures. Through shapes and forms, that make up the iconic symbols that surround (and are within) Indigenous cultures, he approaches art-making by setting up alternate interpretations. By utilizing the mediums of painting and sculpture he translates Indigenous symbols into works of art. A central material in his sculptural practice is string. Using differences in colouration, the string acts as an index that references variations of culture and identity. 

Artist Biography
Quinn Smallboy is originally from Moose Factory, Ontario, and member of the Moose Cree First Nation.  He is an MFA candidate in Visual Arts at Western University and lives in London, Ontario. As an artist, his aim is to draw attention to the struggles surrounding Indigenous culture and art.  
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