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MFA Graduate Exhibition by Quintin Teszeri

MFA Graduate Exhibition by Quintin Teszeri. Please join us in the Artlab and Concourse Gallery spaces to celebrate our new winter exhibition, On Coming and Going by MFA candidate Quintin Teszeri. Utilizing found objects, video, sound and poetry, Teszeri’s work explores the quotidian, offering intersecting moments in time, combined with the residue of life.

“The coming and going of life. Not capturing this movement, but stilling it, distilling it. Trace, residue, leftovers, the remainder, what gets carried over, the difference, what gets left behind. Never severing it completely from where it came from or where it’s going, but slowing it down just enough to share. To share these stories of utter insignificance and total uniqueness with people who are, like myself, just as insignificant and unique in the grand scheme of things. To embrace these vantage points that are ambivalent, unstable, singular, incommensurable, hypocritical, and fluid. Because being obviously subjective is as close as one can ever get to truth. Recognizing truth and beauty in the touch of a body born into an unfathomable set of circumstances it must navigate unto its end. Not transcendentalism, but sensualism. Not a touch looking to move beyond its own skin, but a touch that realizes it’s great because it only goes so far and lasts so long. Not hope, but solidarity. Not connections through mediated encounters, but through byproducts of encounters so real they’re palpable long after they’ve occurred – resounding evidence of life lived. Recorporealization. Deprofessionalization. Paying due attention to the objects, processes, systems, and people we marginalize. Working collaboratively with spaces, materials, curators, viewers, artists, objects, cultures, and climates. The exhibition as a collectively made moment that, just as surely as it has come, it will go”.

Quintin Teszeri

The exhibition continues January 5 - 17 in the Artlab.

Reception January 12, 2017, 5:00pm - 7:00pm