Goodbye Heidelberg | Concourse Gallery

Goodbye Heidleberg

Goodbye Heidelberg is an homage to the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. 39 colourful clocks count down the remaining time of the Project.

Opening reception, November 3rd 5pm

This exhibition looks at the Heidelberg Project, a social art project in Detroit begun by artist Tyree Gupton that, for the past thirty years, has been whimsically and colourfully decorating abandoned houses on Heidelberg St. Internationally renowned and influential worldwide, including to many artists and people living in nearby London, ON, it has recently been announced that the Heidelberg project has reached an end. It will be dismantled over the next two years. The students in VAH2292 will pay homage to the Heidelberg Project through bringing back to life “The Clock House,” which was burned down in late 2013. Each student has contributed a clock to this project, decorated in a style reminiscent of the houses in the project. Through a colourful and playful display, Goodbye Heidelberg comments on the drawing to a close of the Heidelberg Project, and also on the importance of time and time management in the lives of students.