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a line has two sides

a line has two sides

Over thirty works of art and scholarly publications by Faculty and Staff members from Western’s Department of Visual Arts. 

Oct. 27- November 10, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3rd, 5-7PM
Performance by Christof Migone 6:15pm

The Faculty & Staff exhibition, a line has two sides borrows its name from the Oblique Strategies project (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas) created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975. The project produced a boxed set of 100 playing cards each containing a one-line phrase intended to assist artists and musicians break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking. 1

Framed within the context of this exhibition, a line has two sides provides audiences with a glimpse into the research, writing and artworks of over 30 individuals who embody the teaching and technical practices fostered within the Department of Visual Arts, Western.

Participating Faculty & Staff

Cody Barteet
Sarah Bassnett
Ron Benner
Dickson Bou
Parker Branch
Kathy Brush
Colin Carney
Jessica Desparois
Micheal Farnan
Wyn Gelenyse
Sky Glabush
John Hatch
Patrick Howlett
Kelly Jazvac
Tricia Johnson
Neil Klassen
Madeline Lennon
Patrick Mahon
David Merritt
Christof Migone
Kim Moodie
Kim Neudorf
Kirsty Robertson
Judith Rodger
Andrew Silk
Geordie Shepherd
Daniela Sneppova
Christine Sprengler
Gabriella Solti
Kelly Wood

Curated by Susan Edelstein

1. Taylor, Gregory. “Introduction.” A Primer On Oblique Strategizing.1997. Accessed August 20, 2016. http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/OSintro.html