Tropical Depression: Sam Noseworthy | Concourse Gallery

Tropical Depression: Sam Noseworthy

March 31- April 6, 2016
Concourse Gallery
Department of Visual Arts Western University


Influenced by the musical mash-up of Vaporwave - a micro-movement considered to be the first global music genre which originated purely online (Reddit, 2010), the works in Tropical Depression combine video, 3D prints and 2D imagery to push the concept of Remix Culture. These works explore the way the internet subverts and combines such disparate influences as Roman sculpture, 80s aesthetics, and corporate symbols as a means of generating critical audiovisual amalgamations that feel simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.


The 3D printouts produced in this series were created in the new Cohen Exploration Lab, and will be part of an upcoming exhibition at Good Sport gallery which opens on April 8th > 7PM.


Good Sport Art Gallery
256 Richmond St. London, ON.