Art Now! Speakers' Series Presents: Ian Doig-Phaneuf

Ian Doig Phaneuf

Ian Doig-Phaneuf is a London based musician, DJ, proprietor of the record label A Person Disguised as People, and is both Music Director and a radio host at 94.9 CHRW. As a musician Doig-Phaneuf has been a member London’s avant-rock group the Riderless (2001 to 2013), one of London’s premiere live and improvisatory groups, having opened for The Necks, Stars Of The Lid, DoMakeSayThink, Don Caballero, Akron/Family, Explosions In The Sky, Damo Suzuki, and others. As a solo artist, Doig-Phaneuf has released several recordings under both his A Souvenir moniker and as Ian Doig-Phaneuf, producing electronic works and improvised guitar and synth loop structures. Doig-Phaneuf was Music Director for the London Ontario Live Arts (LOLA) Festival from 2006 to 2011, and has collaborated on several events as both booker and promoter for Museum London, Forest City Gallery, Aeolian Hall, Call The Office, London Music Club, and others.


This Artist talk is part of "Art Now!", a course offered by the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. The course focuses on current contemporary art production, both locally, nationally and internationally. 
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