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CONFAB exhibition



January 11 – 19, 2016 - Reception: January 14 > 6-7pm

Inner monologues performed on an outer stage and perplexing green screen confabulations, all simultaneously, more or less. With Nicholas Cote, Andrew E. Fraser, Anosha Khan, Sarah Laine, Siyu Liu, Ian Lun, Anna Miltenburg, Emma Morden, Mackenzie Morison, Rebecca Smith, Maddy Solway, and Tao Wang



Monday, January 11th
Siyu Lu: 3-5pm

Tuesday, January 12th
Andrew Fraser: 3-4pm
Siyu Lu: 4-5pm
Anna Miltenburg: 5-6pm 

Wednesday, January 13th
Anosha Khan: 12-1pm
Tao Wang: 1-2pm
Sarah Laine: 2-3pm

Thursday, January 14th
Nic Cote: 3-4pm

Friday, January 15th
Mackenzie Morison: 12-1pm
Ian Lun: 4-5pm 

Monday, January 18th
Emma Morden: 12-1pm
Rebecca Smith: 2-3pm 

Tuesday, January 19th
Maddy Solway: 3-4pm

Join us between January 11th to 19th for Confab: a student exhibition of works created in contemporary media.

To celebrate Confab, come to the reception on January 14th,  6-7pm.

Nicholas Cote 
Andrew E. Fraser
Anosha Khan 
Sarah Laine  
Siyu Liu  
Ian Lun 
Anna Miltenburg 
Emma Morden  
Mackenzie Morison 
Rebecca Smith  
Madeline Solway 
Tao Wang