: Amanda Oppedisano - Artlab Gallery

Amanda Oppedisano Artlab exhibition


Amanda Oppedisano

May 1- 8, 2014
Closing Reception: Thursday May 8th > 7-9PM

The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present MFA Thesis exhibition, Liquidation, with an Artist Closing Reception on Thursday May 8th from 7- 9PM.

Amanda Oppedisano’s sculptural installations are formal experiments that re-consider everyday items and household goods as material sources for her work. Re-purposing ready-made objects acquired primarily from Dollar Store outlets and other home improvement retailers, Oppedisano examines the abject qualities and significance of mass-produced and mass-consumed products in her exhibit.

Sculptural mounds of excavated gold lumps, loops of delicately folded pink Christmas tree twine, a fur covered inflatable pool raft, and a ruffled collar of deflated plastic balls are just some of the handmade treasures you will encounter in the gallery space. Obsessive covering, carving, stacking and combining of unlikely objects help to induce a fleeting sense of pleasure. Enticed by the promise of immediate gratification this luxurious ephemera remains problematic, pointing to the larger implications of over consumption and consumer waste.