it : event in the Concourse Gallery

it in the concourse gallery

It is about moving. It might make you laugh. It is fabricated. It might involve a chair. It will be performance. It might follow instructions. It will be eating cake. It will use a naked body as a plate. It will enter a circle. It will be random. It will play music badly. It will be harder than you expect. It might be real. It will be seen. It will take notes. It will twig. It could follow an order. It could bring disorder. It might happen all at once. It could present one after the other. It could fail. It could fall. It is not a mask. It will be heard. It will get out of the circle. It is lonely. It will move. It will remove. It might put on. It might take off. It will be personal. It will have an I. It will play music well. It might smell. It might bring you to a boil. It might stink. It was what it is. It still is what it is. It will always be. What is it?


Wed. April 9th, 2014 > 8-9pm Concourse Gallery


Jacob Arts
Michelle Bunton
Tabitha Chan
Emma Church
Amy Cunningham
Tanya Dzera
Corry Faulkner
Lan Lin
Lu Liu
Sophia Lloyd-Jones
Kara McCrea
Jacob McKaig
Alexis Perlman
Katie Ross
Kelly Samuel
Molly Sayers
Michael Segal
Danielle Sing
Victoria Slight
Skyelar Tasker
Devan Vasile

VAS 2250 – Introduction to Contemporary Media Art

Instructor: Christof Migone
TA: Rehab Nazzal