IMAGINE: Sustainability, Community, Engagement

Gallery Practices Exhibition at the artlab

The potential extinction of one species, the honey bee, would bring about widespread irreversible damage to our food supply and the natural environment. In an effort to tackle the massive issue of sustainability, this year’s Gallery Practices class uses the humble bee as a starting point to present an urgent matter in concrete, imaginable ways.

Exploiting the interactive and temporal properties of large-scale installation and video the honey bee is connected to much greater concerns that outline the necessary personal stake we must have in our environment, both natural and built, and in our approach to sustainable living.

Rather than pointing to ubiquitous overconsumption, “hive mentality” can be repurposed to mean community and involvement. The hive is our city and the issue of sustainability requires a reimagining of possible ways of living as we ultimately aim to be forward-looking.

As part of the REVERIE! Arts Festival at Western University, a guided tour of this exhibition will take place in the Artlab Gallery on Thursday March 6th at 3:30pm.