Across Boundaries - Diana Yoo MFA thesis exhibition

diana yoo across boundaries

The Artlab Gallery is pleased to present the MFA thesis exhibition, Across Boundaries by Diana Yoo. Combining photography, video, installation and performance Yoo reconsiders notions of identity, memory and loss associated with war.  

Yoo responds to the experience of living between two cultures whereby her Korean heritage signifies her ancestral home, in contrast to her home in Canada where she was raised. Mining the symbolic autobiographical, Across Boundaries explores repressed anxieties, fear and terror associated with violence and displacement. Acknowledging the ongoing conflict of war, the artist pushes personal, cultural and political boundaries to consider what Jacques Rancière describes as the “unrepresentable”, asking us to re-consider the reality of loss.[1]

Operating on multiple registers and reflecting on the power of art to bring attention to injustice and underscoring the interconnectedness of all beings; Diana Yoo reveals that another society’s oppression is also our own.

April 17-25, 2014
Closing Reception: Friday April 25th > 6-8pm

[1] Jacques Rancière, The Future of the Image (Brooklyn: Verso, 2007), 124.