BANANA HANDS Mike Kelley / Kelly Kaczynski - Artlab

Banana Hands Guest Curated by Christine Negus


Mike Kelley / Kelly Kaczynski

Wednesday September 10, 2014 7pm @ Artlab

The blind lead the blind in this banana doubleheader featuring Mike Kelley’s The Banana Man and Kelly Kaczynski’s Salty Banana. Moving from Kelley’s creative conceit, where his video persona was based on a character he had never seen firsthand, Kaczynski attempts to re-create her own Banana Man from Kelley’s original transcripts. Through the process of enacting and reenacting, the works touch on creation and appropriation, more specifically the dichotomies between production and reproduction (including doubling, twinning, imitation and homage). Additionally, gender-play piggybacks these concerns as Kaczynski, a female performer, repositions the Banana Man character and reduces the phallus to a banana swinging from a string at crotch-level. This two-person screening ultimately focuses on the female as meaning-maker through the occupation of male conception. All this rests on the tip of a banana in the palm.

Mike Kelley, The Banana Man, 1983
28:15 min, colour, sound

Kelly Kaczynski, Salty Banana, 2012
21:48, colour, sound

Guest Curated by Christine Negus

Admission is Free. All are Welcome.