Dada Cabaret: A Sculpture, Installation and Performance Event

Dada Cabaret Poster

Dada Cabaret: A Sculpture, Installation and Performance Event
VAS1025 Advanced Foundations Studio

November 4 - 13, 2013

Closing Performance:
November 13, 2013 > 4:30 PM

A Project by Advanced Foundations Studio
Prof. Patrick Mahon
Stephen Mueller, PhD TA; Sarah Feehan, 4th Year TA

Students were assigned to groups of 4 or 5, and in response to visual materials presented regarding the historical Dada Cabaret (or Cabaret Voltaire), and the exhibition of work by Colette Urban presented at Museum London, they developed original performances using live action, props, staging and sound.

The inspiration for this undertaking was post-WW I Dada, a reaction against the politics and atrocities associated with the war, presented through extreme and exaggerated performance actions and objects by artists in Europe.

The performances were planned to involve a set of actions, a ‘tableau’, or a ‘narrative situation.’ Everything presented was to be constructed by the students, and any additional support technology (light/sound) was to refuse the use of digital technology in favour of such things as ‘slide projectors and overhead projectors’ for light, and handmade ‘sound.’ Spoken word contributions were welcome, but a ‘play, with dialogue’ was considered to be inappropriate. Students were expected to develop a title for their work and a graphic (poster) was to be produced by the group and copied collectively.

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