Kim Moodie


Kim Moodie, Associate Professor (Visual Arts Studio Painting and Drawing)
M.F.A., Concordia University, 1979
Honors B.A., Visual Arts, The University of Western Ontario, 1974


Kim Moodie’s research is primarily studio based although he has curated or co-curated nine exhibitions. His current studio practice is drawing and painting focused with occasional forays into digital imaging and sculpture. He works primarily with India ink, and acrylic and oil paints. His subject matter concentrates on the dissection of narrative structures, the impact of symbols, and ahistorism. Stylistically his work can be categorized as horror vacui and neo-expressionistic.

As Kim Moodie suggests, “My drawings envision a dense mass of symbols and figures moving through a nether world, a psychological landscape like space. I believe many symbols are losing their potency as they are assimilated into the story telling mediums of popular culture. It appears that their meanings become lost or diffused as they become an element in contemporary mass entertainment. I want my drawings to be enticing, engaging through their horror vacui surface. But I also hope that they have a feeling of insatiable melancholy, a sense that something intangible is lost in so much.”

Current Projects

1] A series of four to seven 36 x 73 in. India ink drawings examing the visual properties and meaning implications of an even plane of a huge number of fantastic figures and symbols. Each drawing has a different narrative underlying the field of imagery.  
2] A series of 30 x 22 in. expressionistic brush and ink drawings utilizing the dried residue left in the bottles of ink used in the above drawings. These drawings examine concerns contingent to adventure, exploration and environmental consequences.
3] A series of acrylic and oil paintings investigating the border between representation and abstraction, and the relative inferences of meaning.

Selected Publications

Micah Lexier, “Here, Now and Nowhere,” Exhibition Pamphlet, Prairie Art Gallery, Grand Prairie Alberta, 2009.
Micah Lexier, “ For Example,” Exhibition Pamphlet, Mount St. Vincent Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2007.
“Just My Imagination’” Selected Practices in Contemporary Canadian Drawing – 14 artists, 9 Venues across Canada. Curated by Kim Moodie and David Merritt, organized by the MMB Collective [Kim Moodie, David Merritt, Sheila Butler] and Museum London. Documented by a 72-page catalogue with 46 illustrations. Essays by Kim Moodie/David Merritt, Kym Perusse and Susan Gibson-Garvey, 2004-2007.
James Patten “Kim Moodie: Recent Paintings and Drawings,” London Regional Art and Historical Museum, London Ontario, 1999.
John Yau, “Murder,” Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, California, 1995.
Russell Kiezerre, “ A Casual Totality: Kim Moodie Drawings,” Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art, Calgary Alberta, 1994
Marnie Fleming and Barbara Fischer,” Pirates: Kim Moodie, Drawings,” Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario, 1991.

Awards and Grants

2004 Canada Council Visual Arts and Fine Crafts Organizations Grant, MMB Collective, for “ Just My Imagination” exhibition.
2003 Canada Council Visual Arts and Fine Craft Organizations Grant,
MMB Collective, For “Just My Imagination” exhibition.
2003 Ontario Arts Council Visual and Media Arts Projects Grant, MMB Collective For “Just My Imagination” exhibition.
2001 Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist Grant.
Ontario Arts Council Mid-Career Project Cost Grants 1993, 1991, 1986, 1985, 1979.
Canada Council B Grants, 1998, 1987.
Design Council of Canada. An Award for best design in a Canadian Art magazine, 1997. Canadian Art, Vol. 14, No.3 Fall 1997.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 “Here Now and Nowhere,” Group Exhibition curated by Micah Lexier, organized by the Prairie Art Gallery, Grand Prairie, Alberta.
2008 “Facts and Figures,” Group Exhibition, Museum London, London, Ontario.
2007 “ Black Eyed Stars,” Chris Down, Paterson Ewen, Susanna Heller, Kim Moodie, Ed Pien, Group Exhibition curated by Andrew Hunter, Museum London, London, Ontario.
2007 “For Example,” Moodie, Thib, Walker, individual vitrine displays curated by Micah Lexier for Mount St. Vincent Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2006 “ Ideas of Order,” Group Exhibition, University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto, Ontario.
2006 “The writing is on the wall,” Group Exhibition, Museum London, London, Ontario.
2005 “Other Worlds,” Group Exhibition, Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto, Ontario.
2005 “Driftwood,” Solo Exhibition, McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario.
2005 “Beyond Bounds,” Group Exhibition, curated by Robert McKaskell, Museum London, London, Ontario.
2003 “Lieye,” Solo Exhibition, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario.
2002 “Manifestations,” Group Exhibition,” Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal, Quebec.
2002 “Burton, Dzama, Moodie,” Group Exhibition, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario.
2001 “Moodielingo,” Solo Exhibition, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario.
2001 “Continuities,” Group Exhibition, Windsor Art Gallery, Windsor, Ontario.
1999 “Kim Moodie: Recent Paintings and Drawings,” Solo Exhibition, Museum London, London, Ontario.

Recent Courses

2008/09; V.A. 2210 - 2nd Year Painting and Drawing.
               V.A. 2282 - 2nd Year B.F.A. Seminar.
               V.A. 3310 - 3rd Year Painting [Sept.-Dec.].
2007/08 V.A. 4430 - 4th Year Practicum.
              V.A. 2282 - 2nd Year B.F.A. Seminar.
              V.A. 2210 - 2nd  Year Painting and Drawing.
2006/07 V.A. 4430 - 4th Year Practicum.
              V.A. 22 82 - 2nd Year B.F. A. Seminar.
              V.A. 2210 - 2nd. Year Painting and Drawing.