Christof Migone


Christof Migone, Associate Professor
Ph.D., New York University, 2007
M.F.A., Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1996
B.A., Concordia University, 1991

Christof Migone is an artist, curator and writer. His work and research delve into language, voice, bodies, performance, intimacy, complicity and endurance. He co-edited anthologies Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (Los Angeles: Errant Bodies Press, 2001), and Volumes (Blackwood, 2015). His writings have been published in Aural Cultures, S:ON, Experimental Sound & Radio, Musicworks, Radio Rethink, Semiotext(e), Angelaki, Esse, Inter, Performance Research, More Caught in the Act, The Oxford Handbook of Sound Art, Sound Art (ZKM/MIT), etc. He obtained an MFA from NSCAD in 1996 and a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University in 2007. He has curated numerous exhibitions and events: Touch that Dial (1990), Radio Contortions (1991), Rappel (1994), Double Site (1998), stuttermouthface (2002), Disquiet (2005), START (2007), STOP (2008), Should I Stay or Should I Go (Nuit Blanche 2010), and numerous others for the Blackwood Gallery between 2008 and 2013. He has performed at Beyond Music Sound Festival (Los Angeles), kaaistudios (Brussels), Resonance FM (London), Nouvelles Scènes (Dijon), On the Air (Innsbruck), Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), Méduse (Québec), Images Festival (Toronto), Send+Receive (Winnipeg), Kill Your Timid Notion (Dundee), Mutek (Montreal), Whitney Biennial (New York), Liquid Architecture (Melbourne), 25fps Festival (Zagreb), , Apologies in Advance, Cave 12 (Geneva), Ftarri (Tokyo), Borderline (Athens), Irtijal (Beirut), etc. His installations have been exhibited at the Banff Center, Rotterdam Film Festival, Gallery 101, eyelevelgallery, Forest City Gallery, Studio 5 Beekman, Mercer Union, CCS Bard, Optica, Zalucky Contemporary, etc. He has collaborated with Lynda Gaudreau, Martin Tétreault, Tammy Forsythe, Alexandre St-Onge, Michel F. Côté, Gregory Whitehead, Set Fire To Flames, Fly Pan Am, etc. A monograph on his work, Sound Voice Perform, was published in 2005. In 2006, the Galerie de l’UQAM in Montreal presented a mid-career survey of his work accompanied by a catalog and a DVD entitled Trou. A book compiling his writings on sound art, Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body was published in 2012 by Errant Bodies Press. He has been the recipient of commissions from the Tate Modern, Dazibao, Kunstradio, Centre for Art Tapes, New Adventures in Sound Art, Radio Canada, New American Radio. He is a founding member of Avatar (Québec City). With Alexandre St-Onge he runs Squint Press. He recently was a recipient of the Glenfiddich Artist Residency with Marla Hlady. He is currently curating a 12-year event titled You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.

Exhibitions (solo or collaborative) (selected)

2023 "Swan Song", Produit Rien, Montréal (with Marla Hlady)
2022 "Swan Song" and "Sampler", Christie Contemporary, Toronto (with Marla Hlady)
2021 “Record Release”, Oboro Gallery, Montreal
2020 “Swan Song”, Christie Contemporary, Toronto (with Marla Hlady)
2017 "Standing Under Mis", Katzman Contemporary, Toronto (four person collaborative exhibition project)
2016 "Press Play", Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto
2015 "Millefeuille 2", QueenSpecific, Toronto
2015 "Millefeuille" and "Flipper A", The Bookcase, London, Ontario
2015 "Count and Strike and Spin", Errant Bodies Sound Art Space, Berlin (with Marla Hlady)
2010 "Disco Sec", Optica, Montréal
2009 "Fixation", CCS Bard Galleries and Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College (curator Mireille Bourgeois)
2009 "Disco Sec", Axe-Néo 7, Gatineau
2008 "Disco Sec", Mercer Union, Toronto
2008 "Sale Sono", La Galerie d'art contemporain de Besançon, Besançon, France

Exhibitions (group)(selected)

2019 "Swan Song", Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Exhibition, Dufftown, Scotland (with Marla Hlady)
2018 "Single" for Record Shop, MKG, Toronto
2017 "Micro” for Sounds Assembling, Museum London, London, Ontario (curator Cassandra Getty)
2016 "Record Release 7-inch" for Sweet Gongs Vibrating, Artlab, London, Ontario
2016 "Record Release 7-inch" for Sweet Gongs Vibrating, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego (curator Amanda Cachia)
2015 "Microhole" and "I", for underpressure, Trinity Square Video, Toronto (curator DisplayCult)
2014 "4 feet and 33 inches (neon)" for 5 over 4, Cambridge Galleries/Idea Exchange, Cambridge, Ontario
2013 "Flipper A" for the echo Art Fair, Central Library, Buffalo, New York
2013 "Flipper A" for the Audio Out Listening Post, Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), Toronto
2013 "Publick" for Drift, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario (curator Micah Donovan)
2010 "4 feet and 33 inches" for Non-cochlear Sound, Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn (curator Seth Kim-Cohen)
2009 "Disco Fall" for Massive Party, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (curator Ben Portis)
2008 "Crackers" and "South Winds" for C’est arrivé près de chez vous, Musée national des beaux-arts, Québec
2008 "Auditorium" for Manif d’Art 4, Québec (curator Lisanne Nadeau)

Performances (selected)

2023 "The Release (Into Motion)", Au Kalme, Brussels, Belgium
2023 "The Release (Into Motion)", Varia, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2019 "Mixer” for Borderline Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
2019 "Mixer " for Apologies in Advance series, South London Gallery, London, UK
2019 "Record Release" for Irtijal Festival, Beirut, Lebanon
2019 "Record Release", De Player, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2018 "Malebouche" for Verbal Matters, PEER Gallery, London, UK
2017 "Hit Parade" for SFX at ArKO Museum, Seoul, South Korea
2017 "Hit Parade" and "Fingering" at the Lausanne Film & Music Festival (LUFF), Lausanne, Switzterland
2017 "Testing, Testing" (with Megan Arnold) at Museum London, London, Ontario
2017 "Record Release 7-inch" at Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto
2016 "Powerpointless" for UMBRAL festival, Contemporary Art Museum MACO, Oaxaca City, Mexico
2016 "Releasing Record Release" for Sweet Gongs Vibrating, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego
2016 "Mixer" for 21C Festival, Royal Conservatory, co-presented by MOCA, Toronto.
2016 "Mixer" solo version for vs. Interpretation Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 "Fingering" for Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland
2015 "Hit Parade" for Cagliari Capitale della cultura, Cagliari, Italy
2015 "Record Release 7-inch" for Tuning Speculation III conference, Array Music, Toronto
2015 "Hit" for Nuit Blanche, Toronto (curator Christine Shaw)
2015 "Hit Parade" for 25fps festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 "Record Release 7-inch" for INTERsection, Yonge & Dundas Square, Toronto
2015 "Record Release 7-inch" for null point 7: Decay/Reverberate, Silo City, Buffalo, New York
2015 "Record Release 7-inch" for Suoni Festival, Sala Rossa, Montreal, Quebec
2015 "Mixer" for Ontario Scene, National Arts Center/Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2014 "Hit Parade", "Mixer, "Talk Artist" for Liquid Architecture Festival Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia
2014 "Hit Parade" for Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italy
2014 "War Machine" and "Fingering", Manif - Québec City Bienniale, Québec
2013 "Hit (duo)" for AKA Sounds Like Audio Art Festival, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2013 "Hit Parade" for CAFKA Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener
2013 "Mixer" for Zilver Flotations, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
2013 "Hit Parade" for Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam
2012 "4 feet and 33 inches" for The Future of Cage: Credo Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto
2012 "Hit Parade" for 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Toronto
2012 "Hit Parade" for A survey is a process of listening, presented by Arika at the Whitney Biennial, New York
2012 "Hit Maker" for FAAS 3, Sudbury, Ontario
2011 "Hit Maker" and "Hit Parade" for Trama Festival, Porto, Portugal
2011 "Hit Parade" for Send+Receive, Winnipeg
2011 "Fingering" for Espace [Im]Média at the Centre des arts de la scène Jean Besré, Sherbrooke, Québec
2010 "Fingering" for Electric Eclectics, Funny Farm, Meaford, Ontario
2010 "4 feet and 33 inches", "Evasion", "Snow Storm", "Hit Parade", Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland
2009 "4 feet and 33 inches", Music Gallery, Toronto
2009 "4 feet and 33 inches", Sala Rossa, Montréal
2009 "Hit Parade" for Musée national des beaux-arts, Québec (curator Nathalie de Blois)

Video Screenings (selected)

2023 "Of Americans" (2021), Deluge Contemporary Art, Antimatter Festival, Victoria, B. C.
2020 "Y-", feat. Xuan Ye, one hour video produced as the introduction to the 12-hour online event "You-"
2020 "You-Swan", one hour video produced as the conclusion to the 12-hour online event "You-"
2012 "Hit Maker (Porto)" for the Brick + Mortar International Video Art Festival (curator Denise Markonish)
2012 "Hit Maker (Porto)" for Pixilerations v8, Providence, Rhode Island (curator Ed Osborn)
2010 "Snow Storm" for ON.Fire Conference at the Art Gallery of Ontario (curator Michelle Jacques)
2009 "Evasion", "Crackers", "South Winds", "Poker" at the TODAYSART 09 Festival, The Hague (curator Jan Rohlf)
2008 "P" and "Surround (360 objects)" for Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Publications (selected)

2021 "Soundfullessness", essay for the Oxford Handbook of Sound Art, eds. Jane Grant, John Matthias and David Prior. 2019 "Canadasonic", essay for Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art, ed. Peter Weibel, MIT Press/ZKM.
2019 "Record Release 12-inch", photo book series, Squint.Press.
2017 "Questionable – Questioned – Questionnaire", commissioned by the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA).
2017 "Door to Door to Door", essay in Urban Encounters: Art and the Public, McGill-Queen's Press.
2016 "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe: Silence and Sound in Performance", essay in More Caught in the Act, YYZ Books.
2016 "With: Alexandre St-Onge's Cosmo-Touch", essay in Semblances catalog, Avatar, Québec City
2015 "Heard and Misheard Notes" for Volumes, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga, 2015.
2015 "Gallery Guide: Through and Through", Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume 4, Issue 2.
2014 "Foursome", in Beckett and Musicality, eds. Sara Jane Bailes and Nicholas Till, Routledge/Ashgate, London, UK.
2014 “Sans Sourdines”, in Home Sweet Home, à propos de l’inquiétude, Montréal: Dazibao, 2014.
2014 "The Micro Series" in the Practices section (guest ed. Risa Horowitz) of RACAR.
2012 "Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body", book, Errant Bodies Press (Berlin).
2012 "Boîte de transmission: écrits sur Thorax de Jean-Pierre Gauthier", in Inter No. 110, Langage Plastique, Québec.
2011 "The Opening (30 days in the life of an exhibition)", essay for WOOD catalog, Blackwood Gallery.
2011 "The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars", bookwork, Parasitic Ventures Press, Toronto.
2011 "Danger in Paradise", in Transmission Arts: Artists & Airwaves, ed. Galen Joseph-Hunter, New York: PAJ.
2010 "Auditorium", journal: Performance Research, volume 15/3, theme: "On Listening."
2010 "Auditorium", Performance Research (Taylor & Francis Group, UK), volume 15/3, theme: "On Listening."  
2008 "On Off.", curatorial essay for the START STOP. catalog, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University.
2008 "Bouche… boue… oue : une somaphonie buccale", essay for Inter, No. 98 Espaces Sonores, Québec.

Published Audio Works (selected)

2024 "Auditorium", The Dim Coast, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2023 "Wet Water (Let's Dance)", 2xCD + 16-page booklet, Futura Resistenza, Brussels, Belgium
2023 "Seti Sati (Ma mère, musicienne, est morte)", CD + 4 page booklet, Merles, Québec
2023 "My Body Doing Its Best Without Me...", CD + 12 page booklet, with Alexandre St-Onge, Squint Press, Montréal
2023 "undoundone", CD, with Alexandre St-Onge, Ambiances Magnétiques, Montréal
2023 "Swan Song", 2xCD + 16 page booklet, with Marla Hlady, Crónica, Porto, Portugal
2021 "Record Release", 2xCD, Ambiances Magnétiques, Montréal
2019 "Record Release 7-inch (Power Plant)", 7-inch vinyl, Squint Pre
2019 "Record Release 7-inch (Power Plant)", 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2019 "Record Release 7-inch (Fin)", 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2018 "Record Release 7-inch (Huronia)", 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2018 "Record Release 7-inch (Scratch)", 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2017 "Flipper ABC", printed matter and digital audio files, Squint.Press
2016 "Greatest Hits", solo CD, Squint.Press
2016 "Flipper B", Textsound, No.21, issue on Sonic Materialities, online, ed. Michael Nardone
2016 "Record Release 7-inch (Silo City)", vol. 1, 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2016 "Record Release 7-inch (Avatar)", vol. 2, 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2016 "Record Release 7-inch (Kunstradio)", vol. 3, 7-inch vinyl, Squint.Press
2014 "Microfall (ditty)" compilation vinyl LP, Melbourne: Liquid Architecture
2012 "Fingering" 2xLP, Montreal: squintpress
2009 "Langue Distance" for Mercersound 09 CD, Mercer Union: Toronto (curator Dave Dyment)
2009 "Disco Sec", monograph with audio CD, Avatar: Québec City
2008 "Hole in the Hole 1" and "Hole in the Hole 2" for Inter No. 98 Espaces Sonores, Québec
2006 "P" and "Crackers" for Music Overheard CD, ICA Boston (curator Kenneth Goldsmith)
2005 "Sound Voice Perform" solo CD, Copenhagen: Ground Fault Recordings/Errant Bodies Press
2005 "Vegass" for Six Silk Purses CD by Fortner Anderson, Montréal: Wired on Words
2004 "I" for noli me legere - to Maurice Blanchot CD, Lisbon: sirr-ecords
2003 "South Winds" solo CD, Montreal: Oral
2002 "Fado", "Life is Long Xavier Leroi" for Syntax Error CD, Cabinet No.7, Brooklyn
2001 "Crackers" solo CD, Chicago: Locust
2001 "Quieting" solo CD, Montréal: Alien 8 Recordings


2024 Kunstradio (Vienna) for "On and On and Off" with Marla Hlady
2023 Avatar for "Oreiller (Pillow Talk)" and "Pillow Talk (Oreiller)"
2022 The Dim for the "Vivian Variations" part of "A Sound That Never Was" Project
2021 MaerzMusik – Berliner Festspiele (Berlin) for "Interval" (2021 mix) for TIMEPIECE - the Long Now
2020 Kunstradio (Vienna) for "Swan Song" (with Marla Hlady) [postponed to Fall 2022 due to covid]
2018 The Power Plant for "Record Release 7-inch"
2017 Daïmôn (Gatineau) for "Stéréophonie"
2015 Kunstradio (Vienna) for "Record Release"
2015 Avatar (Québec City) for "Record Release"
2015 Null Point (Buffalo) for "Record Release"
2012 New Adventures in Sound Art & SOCAN Foundation (Toronto) for "Radio Naked"
2012 Centre for Art Tapes (Halifax) for "Flipper"
2007 Tate Modern/Resonance FM (London, UK) for "Foursome" a radio program based on Beckett's Quad
2001 Kunstradio (Vienna) for "hold, still" a radio program and web project
1995 Radio Canada for "SeptSixUn-QuatreHuitQuatreUn" aired on program Chants Magnétiques
1994 New American Radio and Performing Arts for "The Thing about Bugs" with Gregory Whitehead
1993 New American Radio and Performing Arts for "Hole in the Head" for New American Radio on NPR
1992 ACREQ for "Muscle Soléaire" for the 7e Printemps Electroacoustique


2019 Residency, Glenfiddich Artist-in-Residence (with Marla Hlady), Dufftown, Scotland
2015 Residency, Avatar, Quebec City, Quebec
2007 Residency, Peer Advisor, Almost Perfect Residency, Banff Center
2001 Artist-in-Residence, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
1996 Residency, Media Arts, Western Front, Vancouver
1994 Residency, Audio, Banff Center for the Arts
1992 Residency, "Technology, Rhetoric & Utopia", Banff Center for the Arts

Curatorial Projects (selected)

2024 "You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death - Part 5: Water", artLAB, etc.
2023 "You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death - Part 4: Are", Avatar, etc.
2022 "You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death - Part 3: I", Arraymusic, etc.
2021 "You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death - Part 2: And", Arraymusic, etc.
2020 "You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death - Part 1: You", Resonance Extra, etc.
2016 "Mixer" for 21C Festival, The Royal Conservatory and MOCA, Toronto.
2015 "Ditto" for Cross Waves Series, New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), Toronto.
2013 "Door to Door (6th edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Nathalie Quagliotto and Sandy Plotnikoff.
2013 "Volume: Hear Here" exhibition for Blackwood and Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.
2012 "Door to Door (5th edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Adam David Brown and Nancy Nowacek.
2012 "Door to Door (4th edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Gina Badger and Tazeen Qayyum.
2012 "Landscapes Events Reproducted" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Seripop.
2011 "Door to Door (3rd edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Karen Kraven and John Marriott.
2011 "Door to Door (2nd edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Alexander Irving and Micah Lexier.
2011 "Door to Door (1st edition)" exhibition for Blackwood. Featuring Camilla Singh and G. Koh & G. Hicks.
2011 "Following Following Piece" for the Blackwood Gallery. Featuring Thérèse Mastroiacovo.
2010 "Should I Stay or Should I Go" for Nuit Blanche (Zone C), Toronto.
2010 "No Images" event co-presented by the Blackwood Gallery and the Images Festival.
2010 "Location!Location!Location!" exhibition for Blackwood Gallery.
2009 "Fall In" exhibition for the Blackwood Gallery.
2009 "Drop Out" event for Nuit Blanche presented by the Blackwood Gallery at Hart House, University of Toronto. 2009 "Fall Out" exhibition for the Blackwood Gallery.
2009 "The Projects: Port Credit" exhibition for the Blackwood Gallery.
2009 "awashawave" exhibition for the Blackwood Gallery.
2008 "STOP." exhibition for the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal. Guest curator.
2007 "START" exhibition for the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal. Guest curator.
2005 "Disquiet" exhibition for Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario. Guest curator.
2004 "lucky bastard" for Île Danse 03, Ajaccio, Corsica. Co-artistic coordinator with Lynda Gaudreau.
2003 "lucky bastard" for the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Montréal. With Lynda Gaudreau.
2002 "stuttermouthface" for kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium. Performance event.
1994 "Rappel". Part of the inaugural activities of the Association de création et diffusion sonores AVATAR.
1993 "Journées ELECTRO-RADIO Days." Co-artistic director of the Montréal events with Claude Schryer.
1992 "Neighborhood Sounds" for the 7e Printemps Electroacoustique, Montréal. Co-curated with Claude Schryer.
1991 "Radio Contortions." Co-curated with Julia Loktev, and Bryan Zuraw, CKUT-FM.
1990 "Touch that Dial." Co-curated with Jean-François Renaud, SAW Gallery.


2013 Exhibition Award (as curator) for "Volume: Hear Here", Ontario Association of Art Galleries (O.A.A.G.)
2012 Exhibition Award (as curator) for "Seripop: Landscapes Events Reproducted", O.A.A.G.
2007 Michael Kirby Memorial Prize for Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation, Dept. of Performance Studies, NYU