Patrick Mahon


Patrick Mahon, Full Professor (Visual Arts Studio)
Director of the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities
M.F.A., University of British Columbia, 1991
B.F.A., University of Manitoba School of Arts, 1983
Education Certificate, (Art Major), University of Manitoba, 1979


Patrick Mahon is an artist, a writer/curator, and a Professor of Visual Arts at Western University, in London, ON, Canada. Mahon’s artwork has been exhibited in Canada at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Museum London, The Hamilton Art Gallery, and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery; internationally in recent exhibitions in Ecuador, Norway, and Switzerland; and at numerous print biennales since the early 1990’s. Patrick’s collaborative project, Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds, resulted in a ten-artist group exhibition, The Source: Rethinking Water through Contemporary Art, presented at Rodman Hall, Brock University, Canada, in 2014. A second iteration, The Living River Project, was presented at the Art Gallery of Windsor in 2018-19. Other Canadian solo exhibitions include McMaster Museum of Art (2013); Wilfred Laurier University (2013); Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg (2014), and Katzman Contemporary (2015). A touring solo exhibition, Messagers’ Forum, begins at the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, in June, 2020. Patrick was in residence at the International Studio and Curatorial Program, (New York); Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium); La Maison Patrimoniale Barthète, France; and on several occasions at the Banff Centre. Patrick Mahon is currently the Director of the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities at Western University, is a Distinguished University Professor at Western, and a member of the Royal Society of Canada.


2018 Distinguished University Professor, Western University

2018 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Arts and Humanities

2015 Mayor of London ON’s Annual Honorees List – “Arts”

2008 Hellmuth Prize, The University of Western Ontario’s Top Research Prize (one of two recipients)

2005-2007 Faculty Scholar, Representing Faculty of Arts and Humanities, (1 of 3 Representatives; includes Research Award).


Patrick Mahon & Stuart Reid, “Various Tributaries,” to accompany The Living River Project, (Art Gallery
of Windsor,Windsor, ON, 2019)


Patrick Mahon “Kim Neudorf – DNA Artspace”, Review (Border Crossings Magazine,Winter
2017,Issue 144)

“Still, the Wind: What are Artists Doing about the Weather?” Feature Article (Border Crossings Magazine,Winter 2016,Issue 137) p. 54-61


2017 in The Vaccine Picture, Timothy Caulfield with Brennan, Caulfield, Mahon etc. (Penguin
Random House,Toronto, 2017)

2016 Towers, Shipwrecks, and Neo-Baroque Allegories in Neo-Baroques: From Latin
America to the Hollywoood Blockbuster, (Brill: Ndalianis, Krieger, Moser, eds.,2016)


2018-19 The Living River Project: Art, Water and Possible Worlds – Mahon + Bou, Miner,
Garoo, Rodney, Smallboy,Ouellette, Bariteau, Esfahani, Chitty, Willet, Coates,
Gardner. Co-Curated with Stuart Reid, Art Gallery of Windsor (Online Catalogue)

2017 <Immune Nations> - The Vaccine Project – Curated by Natalie Loveless (Caulfied,
Fischer,Humphrey, Viader-Knowles with Hoffman, Hou et al) – Galerie KiT, Trondheim
Academy of Fine Arts,Trondheim, Norway; UNAIDS Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.
(catalogue + journal) International

2016 Mountains and Rivers Without End - Gautam Garoo, Patrick Mahon, Gu Xiong,
Esteban Ayala (Hidalgo), Jenny Jaramillo, Ulises Unda – Municipal Museum Modern
Art, Cuenca, Equador; CAC, Quito,Ecuador; ArtLab Gallery, Western University, London,
ON (catalogue) International


2019 C3+ Engineering Building: Wind Tunnel Garden Sculpture – Kelly Jazvac, Patrick
Mahon, Tegan Moore. Permanent Outdoor Installation (Installed Spring 2019)


2020 Messagers’ Forum – Thames Art Gallery and Projected Tour, Solo Exhibition Curated by
Pamela Edmunds


2019-21 Written on the Earth: Tornadoes, Evidence, & Artistic Respons(ibility). A multi-year,
interdisciplinary art project; Western Engineering/Northern Tornadoes Project,
collaborators. Exhibition: McIntosh Gallery,Western – Helen Gregory, Curator.

2019-21 GardenShip of State: Art, Environment, and the Future of the Global Commons. Patrick Mahon, PI. A multi-year research project that will yield an exhibition at Museum London (Jan. 2021), and a publication.

2018-21 Speculative Energy Futures: Natalie Loveless & Sheena Wison, PIs. A multi-year,
interdisciplinary art project. The University of Alberta, and other sites, including The Banff
Centre (June 2019).


2018 Through the Memory Atlas: 40 Years of Collecting, Curated by J. Budney, S. Edelstein
et al, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, B.C.

2017 150 Years of Artmaking in London, Curated by B. Meehan and C. Getty, Museum
London, ON

2016 À la recherche (in search of practice-based research), Curated by Barbara Balfour,
Open Studio Gallery,Toronto, ON


2018-19 Line & Verse – A Taiwan/Canada Project involving Artists & Poets, Organized and
curated by Carlina Chen,Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library, University of Toronto,
Toronto, ON; Chiayi Culture Meeting Place, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

2017 International Print Exhibition – Japan-Canada, 2016, Curated by Liz Ingram and April
Dean, Kyoto Museum of Art, Japan; U of AB Museums (Enterprise Square), Edmonton,
AB; Art Gallery of Regina, Regina,Sask.


2015      Ontario Arts Council Exhibitions Assistance

2014      Faculty Research Development Fund, “The Nonsuch and the Garden: Casting the Replica Ship…”

2011      Ontario Arts Council Exhibitions Assistance

2011-14 SSHRC Research/Creation Grant, “Immersion Emergencies and Possible Worlds”, with Gu Xiong and S.Esfahani

2009-10 Canada Council for the Arts, Publications Assistance (with A&CC/YYZ Publishing)

2007      Ontario Arts Council Exhibitions Assistance

2006      Canada Council Travel Grant

2005      Department of Foreign Affairs, Exhibition Support for “Shifting Spaces”

2004-07 SSHRC Research/Creation Grant, “Art and Cold Cash”, with R. Arngna’naaq; J. Butler; S. Butler; W. NoahSelected Publications


PhD Supervision

Chief Supervisor:

Rehab Nazzal, “Representation of Settler Colonial Violence in Palestine.” PhD Dissertation,completed June 2018; to be conferred Fall 2018

Ulises Unda – Completed Second Year, to be conferred 2018

Michael Farnan, - “Representing Wilderness: Culture, Community, Artistic Practice.” PhD Dissertation, completed September 2016; conferred Spring 2017

Andy Patton, “A Painter’s Brush…..,” PhD Dissertation, conferred 2013, Winner, Governor General’s Gold Medal

Jason Hallows, “Demonstration: Monstrous Operations in Sculptural Productions and Display” PhD Dissertation, completed September 2011; conferred Spring 2012

(In Progress)

Ashley Snook – First Year (acting as Mentor), to be conferred 2022

Michelle Wilson – Completed Second Year, to be conferred 2020

Ulises Unda – Completed Fourth Year, to be conferred 2019

PhD Committee Member
Committee Member:

Christina Battle (Christof Migone, Supervisor) - current

Eeva Siivonen (David Merritt, Supervisor) - current

Jessica Cappuccitti (Sarah Bassnett, Supervisor) - current

Colin Dorward (Sky Glabush, Supervisor) - current

Ido Govrin (David Merritt, Supervisor) – current

Janice Gurney, “An Alliance of Fragments,” PhD conferred 2012 (D. Merritt, Supervisor)

Jennifer Orpana, “Portraits of (and for Toronto)..” PhD conferred 2015. (S. Bassnett, Superv.)

Masters Supervision

Chief Supervisor:    

Sharmistha Kar, M.F.A., “Next to a River: Embroidery as…”, conferred Summer 2018

Charles Franklin Harris, M.F.A., to be conferred Summer 2017.

Juanita Lee Garcia, M.F.A., to be conferred Summer 2016.

Niloufar Salimi, M.F.A., “I am not I, almost never,” Summer 2015.

Gabriella Solti, “Sysiphus is Happy,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2014.

Kyla Brown, “Following the Turn,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2013.

Matthew Teigen, “The Look of Math,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2011.

Gautam Garoo, “Between Is and Was,” M.F.A., conferred Summer 2011.

Soheila Kolahdouz-Esfahani, “Trans (across, over, beyond),” M.F.A. conferred Summer 2010.

Jennifer Wanner, “Ecosimulacra,” M.F.A., to be conferred Summer 2009.


Sharmistha Kar, M.F.A., “Next to a River: Embroidery as…”, conferred Summer 2018

Joscelyn Gardner, “White Skin, Black Kin,” M.F.A., conferred Fall 2003.

Daniel Wong, “Letters to a Young Poet”, M.F.A., conferred Spring 2006.

Anthea Black, “Of All Possible Worlds: Mapping Queer Craft and Collaboration,” M.F.A. conferred Summer 2012.(with Kim Solga, Dep’t of English)

Recent Courses


VAS 3300(½) Advanced Printmaking (Written on the Earth – Tornado Project with Engineering Researchand Invited Artists ($10,000 grant awarded)

AH1020bSchool for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities, First Year Core Course


VAS 2274a ArtNow!

AH1020b School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities, First Year Core Course


VAS/VAH 9500a Research Methods for Master’s Students (MA/MFA)

VAS 9500Y Internship

VAS 3300(½) Advanced Printmaking


VAS/VAH 9500a Research Methods for Master’s Students (MA/MFA)

VAS/VAH 9600a Research Methods for PhD Students

AH3391G School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities: Water Now!


VAS 3300(½) Advanced Printmaking

VAS/VAH 9500a Research Methods for Master’s Students (MA/MFA) (Half year Sabbatical)