Anna Madelska


M.F.A., University of Western Ontario, 2005
AOCAD, Ontario College of Art and Design, (Sculpture and Installation), 2003


Anna Madelska works collaboratively with Jason Hallows under the name Parker Branch. The project grew out of a small storefront in London, Ontario, in which the duo mounted over 30 exhibitions (2007-2014) that explored the meaningful interplay of found artifacts, natural objects, ephemera, and artists work. The emphasis of these exhibitions was the generative potential in these groupings. The artists have playfully suggested that they are more interested in the spaces between the objects than the objects themselves. Since the closing of the brick-and-mortar location, the project has continued in gallery exhibitions, and begins to approach sculpture as the artists have become increasingly involved in complicating their display strategies and manipulating the objects exhibited. A 100-page survey of the first 6 years of the project, Has Things In Common, 2015, was published by McIntosh Gallery and features texts by E. C. Woodley and Jen Hutton.

Current Projects

PLACED HERE BY MEMBERS, offers images and objects that are constellated around community organizations, and the trappings of spiritual and physical work, specifically the spaces occupied by such work meeting houses, lodges, church basements. Simple wooden benches are arranged into groups, evoking impromptu gatherings, friendly societies, trade unions, and upstart religious organizations. Throughout are images of labor unions, strikes and protests. Sculptural forms in salt and stone and found objects stand in for altars, but also lecterns. Several denim aprons, some of which are used, worn, and repaired, are used in the exhibition both as sculptural material and displayed artifacts. The word occupation is a useful entry point. Taken temporally, it suggests one's labour, how time is spent, what one does. Spatially it implies a strategy of dissent, the forceful take-over of a location. In taking on their subject matter, Madelska and Hallows employ occupation as an artistic strategy. A series of themes are inhabited, like a space, a home, or a host body, and operated within and then manipulated. The contents are churned, folded, and complicated by their proximity.

All images are from PLACED HERE BY MEMBERS.

Video Interview organized by McIntosh Gallery

2017 A Driving Force, Interview conducted by McIntosh Gallery,


Selected Publications

2018 Liza Eurich and Tegan Moore. Sorry, I'm Busy - Materials. Support Project Space, London, ON
2015 Jen Hutton, E.C. Woodley. Parker Branch has Things in Common. McIntosh Gallery, London, ON
2014 Jay Isaac and Sebastian Frye, ed. Fantasy Art Now, Swimmers Group, Toronto, ON
2013 Groat, Maggie, ed. The Lake. Art Metropole, Toronto, ON

Awards and Grants

Individual Artist: Project Grant (London Arts Council 2019)
Visual Artists Creation Projects (Ontario Arts Council 2018)
Arts and Humanities Teaching Excellence Award (Western University 2015)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (Museum London 2015)
London Arts Council CAIP Grant (2015)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (McIntosh Gallery 2014)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (Forest City Gallery 2013)
London Arts Council CAIP Grant (2013)
London Arts Council CAIP Grant (2012)
London Arts Council CAIP Grant (2011)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (Forest City Gallery 2008)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (Eyelevel 2006)
OAC Exhibition Assistance (Durham Art Gallery 2005)
University of Western Ontario Scholarship (2004)
University of Western Ontario Scholarship (2003)
Governor General’s Academic Medal (2003)
OCAD Medal for Sculpture/ Installation (2003)
Women’s Art Association Tuition Scholarship (2002)

2018 Sorry, I'm Busy, curated by Liza Eurich and Tegan Moore, Support, London, ON
2017 Placed Here by Members, YYZ, Toronto, ON
2016 Chronologues, Museum London, London, ON
2015 Has things in common, DNA, London, ON

Recent Courses

Advanced Foundation Studio
Introduction to Drawing
Introduction to Drawing and Painting
Advanced Painting