2018-19 Course Outlines - Coming Soon!

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Fall Term Courses - 2018

Actuarial Sciences

pdf icon AS 9004a/4823a - Survival Analysis

pdf icon AS 9005a - Advanced Risk Theory

pdf icon AS 9824a/4824a - Loss Models II

pdf icon AS 9426a/4426f - Actuarial Practice I

pdf icon AS 9429a/3429a - Life Contingencies II

pdf icon AS 9860a/SS 4940f - Business Skills

Financial Modelling

pdf icon FM 9512a - Statistical Methods for Finance and Insurance

pdf icon FM 9522a - Introduction to Financial Modelling with Excel

pdf icon FM 9578a - The Mathematics of Financial Options

pdf icon FM 9587a - Financial Risk Management

pdf icon FM 9590a - Stochastic Processes with Applications in Finance and Actuarial Science


pdf icon SS 9654a/4654a - Markov Chains with Applications

pdf icon SS 9657a - Advanced Probability

pdf icon SS 9846a/4846a - Experimental Design

pdf icon SS 9859a/3859a - Regression

pdf icon SS 9864a/4864a - Statistical Computing

Winter Term Courses - 2019

Actuarial Sciences

pdf icon AS 9007B - Advanced Multistate Models/Life Contingencies III

pdf icon AS 9424B - Loss Models I

pdf icon AS 9952B - Ruin Theory

pdf icon AS 9972B - Mortality Models

Financial Modelling

pdf icon FM 9512B - Statistical Methods for Finance and Insurance

pdf icon FM 9521B - Financial Modelling II

pdf icon FM 9523B - Portfolio Theory

pdf icon FM 9593B - Monte Carlo Methods and Financial Applications


pdf icon SS 9030B - Statistical Inference

pdf icon SS 9055B - Generalized Linear Models

pdf icon SS 9544B / MDA 9144B - Statistical Consulting / Data Consulting

pdf icon SS 9833B - Analysis of Brain Imaging Data

pdf icon SS 9850B - Advanced Data Analysis

pdf icon SS 9861B - Time Series