Actuarial & Statistical Undergraduate Association


About ASUA: We strive to provide academic workshops, professional development opportunities, and a social community for students in the Department of Actuarial and Statistical Sciences (DSAS). We welcome and encourage all students interested in Actuarial Science, Statistical Science, Data Science and Financial Modelling to join our club!

Our Mission: We hope to provide a social community for undergraduate students in DSAS and to help pave the way for a greater academic experience and professional career. ASUA aims to introduce relevant career paths through panel events and networking opportunities along with various seminars to further enhance the technical skills required for workplace settings. We strive to provide a better undergraduate experience for DSAS students along with a safe and inclusive community where long-lasting friendships and memories can be made!

Jenna-President.jpgJenna Nanne, President 

Ivey and Actuarial Science 


Nisha-VP-Events.jpgNisha Bhargava, VP Events

Actuarial Science


Alexander-VP-Finance.JPGAlexander Brown, VP Finance

Actuarial Science


Roxana-VP-Comms.JPGRoxana Shafiee, VP Communications

Actuarial Science


Teja-SSC-Dep-Rep.JPGTeja Ashok, SSC Department Representative

Data Science

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