Wellness Education

Four students standing on UC Hill showing W's (representing Western)

The Western Wellness Hub

Wellness & Equity Education, in collaboration with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, are working to improve the mental health supports for students here at Western University. To meet the needs of students, the Wellness Hub was created.

The Western Wellness Hub is a unique mental health and well-being learning center where people with lived mental health experiences (i.e., experts by experience) come together to co-create, co-deliver, and discuss courses on topics that support mental health (e.g., skill building, recreational, vocational, etc.). The Wellness Hub is rooted in the principles of connection, self-identity, hope, meaning, and empowerment.

During the summer terms, groups of Western students come together to discuss topics that matter to them and affect their mental health on campus. These discussions result in the creation of different interactive course materials, that are used in the academic year. 

Join your peer students to learn, share your experiences and engage!

Current Programming

Embracing the Growth Mindset

Date: Running Thursdays virtually starting February 29, from 11-12 p.m.

Post-secondary education can provide a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. This course is specially designed for students seeking to embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration. Through guided introspection and experiential learning, participants will delve into various aspects of themselves, understanding their values, passions, and aspirations. Students will engage in meaningful discussions, hands-on activities, and resources that can be immediately implemented into students’ daily lives. This course aims to help participants discover themselves both within and outside of the academic environment. By mastering emotional regulation and self-compassion, students will build resilience to navigate challenges, learn from failures, and align their actions with holistic goals and futuristic dreams.

This course has been designed based on feedback from your peers as to what is relevant to the current student experience. We welcome students in any year of study!

What will we learn?

  1. Understanding your identity, values, and dreams through introspection
  2. Setting holistic goals and how to create short-term goals to achieve long-term results
  3. Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses and using a strengths-based approach
  4. What it means to become emotionally intelligent and identify emotional triggers
  5. Leveraging mindfulness as a coping strategy and discovering what brings you happiness

Week 1: Navigating your Moral Compass
Week 2: Holistic Goals and Futuristic Dreams
Week 3: Bouncing Back from Failure
Week 4: Mastering Emotional Regulation
Week 5: Self-compassion

Feel free to join all or even some of the topics that you are interested in.

*Participation is Microcredential approved!


Upcoming Programming

Co-Design Course

Date: The next session will be summer 2024.  

Are you interested in influencing mental health & well-being programming at Western? 

Come together with your peers to brainstorm ideas for courses to be offered next term as part of the Western Wellness Hub.

What will we learn?

  1. About the personal recovery movement, co-design, and the Wellness Hub philosophy
  2. How to work as a member of a team to design relevant and impactful mental health and wellness courses
  3. How to leverage your experiences navigating wellness as a post-secondary student as a source of strength and value
  4. How to foster creativity in creating new and innovative courses that meet the needs of post-secondary students

Wondering what a Microcredential is?

A microcredential is digitally recorded recognition of a small, specific skill. Microcredentials are a unique and innovative way to learn skills in a short period of time that allow for finding learning experiences that align with professional goals and interests that can be used right away. All microcredentials are validated by industry or community partners.

Through the Wellness Hub, there is the option to be recognized for the skills that individuals feel have been enhanced through engagement with the program. The individual self selects the skills from 20 options, provides a short reflection on how engagement has influenced these skills and, within 7-days, will receive a badge that is recognized by employers that can be added to a resume. Additionally, individuals have the opportunity to combine certain microcredentials to build them into higher order sets of skills that are more relevant to employers.

Wellness Hub Testimonials: 

“It was a beautiful community that was very welcoming- so I definitely had a sense of belonging. This program helped me to destress from home issues and school stress.”
“I was able to contribute ideas that were meaningful to me and come up with solutions for problems that I have struggled with.”

If you have any questions, please email wellness.edu@uwo.ca.

Additional Wellness Education Resources:

Wellness Wheel

Wellness extends beyond just your physical well-being; wellness includes emotional well-being, financial well-being, sexual well-being, and more. Learn about all areas of wellness and how you can support your well-being at Western.