Spiritual Well-being

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Spiritual wellness is an important dimension of thriving. Regardless of whether you believe in a particular religious faith, or you see yourself as "spiritual but not religious," there is always something to be learned about how you see yourself and engage in the world.

Here, you will find multi-faith resources to empower, enable, and engage you to reflect on your own spirituality, religion, faith, values, ethics and morals in order to tune into your spiritual self and foster personal well-being.

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What is Spiritual Well-being?

Spiritual wellness involves being self-aware and finding meaning and purpose in life. It means developing a better understanding of yourself, your personal beliefs, and what you value. In simple terms, it is about feeling grounded and connected - both in yourself and in the world.

We encourage you to carve out a little time for your own spiritual wellness and take advantage of our resources to cultivate spiritual well-being. Choose one of the categories below, or check out the Training, Events and Program page to see everything at once.

Get Involved

Here are the ways you can help create a diverse, inclusive, and just culture of spiritual wellness and well-being at Western.

Participate in an event. Check out the Campus Ministry website for Fall Term programming. 

Gain employment skills. There are many Peer Leader and Work Study opportunities available with roles ranging from social media and media production to programming and research.

Spirit Matters Podcast

Join our team of curious students as we adventure out into the campus community, seeking answers to our burning question: What is spirituality? We share our journey with the whole Western community in the form of a weekly podcast. Opportunities are available in media production. 

2020-21 podcast: Mindfulness with Mike

The goal of the podcast series is to introduce you to - and perhaps spark your interest in - the various forms of meditative self-awareness for your own well-being. Tune into yourself, your feelings, your goals, and your spirituality.

Listen Here:

Campus Resources for Spiritual Well-being

Peer Networks and Community on Campus

Indigenous Student Association
Provides programming, events, and workshops to educate Western's campus about Indigenous peoples, their distinct cultures, and current issues.

Muslim Students' Association
Strives to provide an Islamic environment that empowers students to reach their potential.

Power to Change
A Christian club dedicated to helping students discover Jesus through discipleship, fellowship, and outreach events.

Western Hillel
Hillel serves over 3000 Jewish students at Western, the affiliate colleges and Fanshawe College. Their goal is to enhance the cultural, religious and social experience of all Jewish students through innovative initiatives, programs and education.

UWO Sikh Students Association
Strives to create opportunities that allow students to further their knowledge and experience the principles of Sikhi.

UWO Hindu Students Association
Promotes both the cultural and religious aspects of Hinduism and acts as a liaison between students and the Hindu community

London Chinese Catholic Community
USC club for Catholic students holding biweekly meetings, as well as socials and events.

Western Asain Christian Fellowship
A student-led campus club with members who hold regular social events, group sharing and prayer.

Western Korean Christian Fellowship
A student-led campus club that aims to nurture the spiritual growth of believers and to share the gospel. Students can participate in various events, prayer meetings, and leadership training.

Newman Catholic Students
A group of Catholic students committed to deepening faith through fellowship, scripture, and prayer.

Academic Programs

Huron University College Faculty of Theology
Students may further their pursuit of a deep understanding of religious literature, practices and people by attaining a degree at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Graduate Master’s levels.

King's University College Religious Studies
Religious Studies explores the beliefs, practices, and histories of diverse religious traditions, as well as the questions and challenges posed by religion and spirituality in contemporary society.

Brescia University College Religious Studies
Discover religion from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, explore current religious quests or research how cultures have influenced religions around the world.

Multi-Faith Room

A multi-faith space is available for students, staff, and faculty to book in Middlesex College, 15A. Book online here.

Off-Campus/Community Resources

Places of Worship
This list of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship are on or near the Western campus.

Religious Accommodation at Western

Western’s Policy on Accommodation for Religious Holidays

Office of the Registrar/Academic Calendar

Faculty websites: