Group Care and Workshops

Group Care

Each group will incorporate a presentation of relevant material with discussion and practice of new strategies among group members. It is a place for students to learn about new skills, increase self-awareness and share their experiences with others. Groups are generally small ranging from 5-15 people. Group members are expected and encouraged to participate in group discussions. Groups involve 4 to 8 two-hour weekly sessions.

All Psychological Services Groups are approved activities for the co-curricular record. However, please note that if you miss more than 2 group sessions, in one term that this activity cannot be verified on your co-curricular record.

**Groups being offered this Summer.

Groups Schedule*

Managing Stress & Anxiety

This is a 4-week psychoeducational group that meets once per week for two hours. This group aims to help students cope with academic and personal stress. Topics will include thought exercises and behavioural strategies that are often helpful in coping with stress. In addition, self-care, time management, and procrastination will be addressed.

  • Not currently being offered

Procrastination, Anxiety, Stress Support (PASS)

This group offers mindfulness and defusion strategies applied to procrastination, anxiety and stress to enhance academic and personal success.

  • Not currently being offered

Healing through Movement Group

This Healing Through Movement Group is geared for students who are wanting to become more comfortable with sensations originating from within the body as a result of a possible history of complex trauma or other anxiety-related experiences (i.e., panic). This type of practice focuses on the mindful experience of bodily sensations in the moment during gentle yoga-like forms. In this group, a limited number of physical forms will be introduced and repeated weekly, with choices offered to you in the expression of each form (including option of chair yoga). No physical assists will be done.

  • Not currently being offered

Home Alone: Creating Support When You Have None

The goal of this group is to build support and skills for students who are navigating the university experience largely on their own due to lack of parental or family support.  This group aims to help students who may have lost a parent, have a difficult relationship with their parents or who have parents who are not supportive or understanding of a student’s mental health issues and /or challenges while at university.  This is a 2 hour process support group where there will be a topic to discuss each week as well as time to support and help one another with ongoing issues.  This group is appropriate for any students who are interested in building a community to help one another not feel so alone.

  • Not currently being offered

**ACTing for Wellness Group

This is an 8-week Acceptance and Commitment Therapy group that will be active with goal setting, values clarification and learning skills to cope with difficult thoughts and feeling, more effectively. The goal of this group is to gain awareness and understanding of who you are and what you stand for in this world, which helps us to find purpose and take steps towards a full meaningful life. This group will focus on psychoeducation and experiential exercises. This group is appropriate for anyone experiencing mild to moderate depression/anxiety or anyone feeling lost/stuck in their lives.

  • Thursdays from June 6 - August 1 (1:30 - 3:30 p.m.) - no session June 27

Mindfulness Meditation Groups

This group focuses on guided instruction in mindfulness meditation and basic yoga, and includes education about mindfulness-based mood-regulation strategies. The group is meant to reduce psychological problems and teach ways of coping with stress, depressed mood, and anxiety. You do not have to have any prior experience with meditation or yoga to participate.

  • Not currently being offered

**Emotion Regulation Group

This is a 7-week psychoeducational and experiential group designed to help participants develop skills for understanding and experiencing emotions. General discussion topics will include identifying and understanding emotions, reducing emotional vulnerability and decreasing emotional suffering by integrating aspects of Linehan’s DBT Emotion Regulation module as well as other neurobiological and psychotherapeutic concepts [e.g., “window of tolerance” (Dr. Dan Siegel & Dr. Pat Ogden); polyvagal theory (Dr. Stephen Porges); and somatic experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine)].

Please note that attendance to the first session is mandatory as confidentiality and its limits as well as group roles and responsibilities will be reviewed. In order to participate and continue in the group, you must be at the first session, no exceptions.

  • Wednesdays from June 5 - July 17 (1:30 - 3:30 p.m.)

Social Thriving Group

The task of the Social Thriving Group is to work together to create an environment where we can grow and develop emotionally. This often happens in creative and spontaneous ways and can lead to the group speaking more directly and honestly, despite and with its differences among members. This group is appropriate for students who are experiencing anxiety, low mood, loneliness, or who are feeling isolated.

  • Not currently being offered.

Social Anxiety Group

The Social Anxiety Group is a 7-week group designed to help alleviate the discomfort and stress of social anxiety through a variety of approaches and techniques. Discussion topics will include challenging unhelpful thoughts and expectations as well as exposure to social situations via group role-plays. This group involves working towards individualized goals and practicing social interactions in a safe, non-judgement setting.

  • Not currently being offered

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Skills

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Skills Group is designed to offer students an introduction to core CBT concepts and develop foundational skills in mood management. CBT is an evidence-based approach that has been shown to be highly effective in treating a variety of psychological concerns, including mood and anxiety. This group is most appropriate for students who are struggling with primary mood concerns (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger, panic, guilt). This group will provide students with an opportunity to: increase self-awareness; understand the connection between thoughts, moods, and behaviours; use behavioural strategies to engage in meaningful activities; and examine, evaluate and challenge thinking patterns. This group will be psychoeducational in nature and maintains a strong emphasis on practicing skills in between sessions.

The CBT Skills Group will take place over the course of 5 weeks. Each session builds upon the previous session, so it is important to attend all sessions. This will be a closed group.

  • Not currently being offered

Drop-in Parents Support Group ( drop - in)

Psychological Services will be offering a drop-in parent support group. It will be open to students who have participated previously in the Mindful Parent group program, as well as any other Western student parents seeking support with day-to-day parenting struggles. Group content will be decided collaboratively among group members at the beginning of each session, and there will be a focus on developing/maintaining mindful parenting skills. Please contact Dr. Evans at (519) 661-3031 with any questions.

  • Not currently being offered

**Mindful Parent Group

This group is open to Western students who are also parents with children of any age living at home. This group aims to teach ways of managing parenting stress through attachment-based mindfulness meditation practices. Please contact Dr Elspeth Evans (519) 661-3031 with any questions.

  • Mondays from May 6 – June 17 (1-3 p.m.) - no session May 20.

TALK: Talk About Life in Canada

Being an international student can be an exciting and life-changing experience. There are many new things to discover as you adjust to your new surroundings. The TALK group provides a place to connect with others to discuss and share experiences of living and studying in a new culture as well as receive information and support. Some topics of discussion include:  making friends, adapting to a new culture, dealing with Canadian organizations, cultural norms, academic success, managing challenges and stress, etc.  Discussion topics are based on group members’ needs and interests.

No registration is required.  Students are invited to drop in at UCC Room 369 for discussion, support and refreshments (hot drinks and snacks are provided).

  • Not currently being offered

**UniQ SupporT Group for LGBTTQQIA2S+ (closed group, not drop in - register ASAP)

  • UniQ SupporT – An intersectional LGBTQIA2S+ affirmative psychoeducation and support group
  • Tuesdays from June 18 - July 23 (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.)
  • If you are interested in participating in our UniQ SupporT group, please get more information and to register.

For more information please contact Psychological Service  by phone at (519) 661-3031 or visit in-person (room 4100 of the Western Student Services Building). 

Laura Evans Wellness Workshops

The Laura Evans Wellness Workshops is supported by a gift from Marilyn and Rick Evans and family in honour of their daughter and sister, Laura. Laura was a third-year psychology student at Brock University who at age 19 died of suicide.

In celebration of Laura's generous spirit and willingness to help others, her family wishes to ensure all students can access and benefit from the psychoeducational information provided through this program.

For more information and to register, please visit the registration webpage.