Medical Notes

Requests for notes are an uninsured service and appointments booked for this purpose are not medically necessary, therefore a fee for the visit and the note is necessary.

Where a note request occurs after the illness, our providers do not have a method to verify the authenticity of the absence/illness and may: decline completion of the notes/documents; or provide a document indicating the patient was not assessed but reports to have been absent with illness. These notes may be provided without seeing a physician/clinician to avoid the student incurring the cost of an assessment in addition to the note.

Medical Certificates can be obtained from Student Health & Wellness Services for a cost of $20. For a full list of fees, please visit our Fees page.

  1. At the time of illness, make an appointment with a physician at Student Health & Wellness Services.
  2. During this appointment, request a Student Medical Certificate, from the Physician.
  3. Go to Student Health & Wellness Services to make your payment and pick up the form. If your appointment was virtual (phone or video), you will receive an invoice via email to pay online. Once payment has been received, your Student Medical Certificate will be provided to you.
  4. You may wish to review Western's policy on Accommodation for Medical Illness