Patient Fees

Patient Fees for Uninsured Services

Most forms are not an insured service with your health coverage. In Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) establishes the recommended fee annually. Below are the recommended fees for 2024, however, if a fee is not present, the fee charged may be established by the physician at an uninsured rate of $400/hr (prorated) for an uninsured service. For forms and notes, the fee covers the cost of the form only and an additional fee may be charged for assessments that are not medically necessary.




Covid Antibody Testing  


No-Show, Cancellation Policy, and Applicable Fees

Student Health Services (SHS) requires 24 hours of notice to cancel an appointment. A fee will be charged in cases of lateness, missed appointments, or not giving adequate notice. In the case of appointments cancelled the same day or within 24 hours, you will be billed for a cancellation charge. Monday appointments must be cancelled by the end of the work day on Friday to not be billed for a missed appointment. The fee is determined by the type of appointment that was booked. Failure to pay the charges within 30 days will lead to the sealing of your academic records. SHS attempts to remind patients of their appointments, but it remains the student's responsibility to ensure an appointment is not missed.

Health Service or Physician Fees [No Show or Late Arrival/Cancellation Charges]:



Minor Assessment


Intermediate Assessment


Wart Treatment (Cryotherapy)


Pap Visit


Mental Health Counselling (Physician Appt.)


Psychiatry - Initial Consult


Psychiatry - Follow-up

$92.20 to $184.40

Mental Health Counsellor


The fee schedule is consistent with the Ministry of Health's Schedule of Benefits.

Supplemental Services, Notes & Third Party Requests



Student Medical Certificate


Prescription Renewal


Physical forms for schools, camps, daycare 

$33.75 + visit cost

Physical forms for pre-employment certification of fitness/clubs or hospital/nursing home employee

$44.75 + visit cost

Back to work/sick/daycare note


Self-Reported Adverse Event Form


Driver's Medical Examination Form

$70.00 (+exam 150.00)

Certificate of freedom from communicable disease

$23.50 + visit cost

Medical Record Transfer
First 20 pages
Each additional page >20
Chart review


OSAP Disability Verification Forms
+intermediate visit fee


Accessible Education


General Physical/Medical Clearance


Insurance Forms



OCF-3 Disability Certificate


OCF-18 Treatment Plan


OCF-19 Determination of Catastrophic Impairment


OCF-23 Treatment Confirmation


Attending Physician's Statement


System Specific Examination


System Specific or Disease-Specific Questionnaire

$114.00 + exam cost

Clarification Report


Full Narrative Report


Independent Medical Examination


Life Insurance Certificate


Travel Cancellation Insurance Form


Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Vaccination and Immunization forms



Government Forms



Medical Certificate for EI Compassionate Care Benefits


CPP Disability Medical Report Form*


CPP Narrative Medical Report Form*

$180.00/hr (CPP funds $150)

CRA, Disability Tax Credit Certificate


*Service Canada will pay “up to” the fees listed above. If a physician’s fees are higher than the fees listed, then patients are responsible for covering any extra costs.