VIA Rail Ticket Purchases

January 16, 2023

As of February 13, 2023, the option to purchase VIA Rail tickets through the Concur online booking tool (available through Direct Travel) will no longer be available. You may continue to purchase tickets directly through VIA Rail or through an agent with Direct Travel. Please see below for more information.

Booking Methods:

Tickets must be purchased from VIA directly or through a preferred travel management company.

1. Direct from VIA Rail:

Purchase directly from the Western VIA Rail Website OR Book directly from VIA in London (phone number 1-888-842-7245):

  • Train tickets can only be purchased using cash, the corporate ScotiaBank travel card, or a personal credit card
  • For non-employee (guest) tickets, the corporate ScotiaBank Pcard with a Travel Coordinator role may be used
  • The corporate discount file number is 707009 for booking (this discount code can be used on Economy, Economy Plus, Business and Business Plus fares)
  • A travel expense report will have to be completed in order for you to be reimbursed
  • When picking up your ticket at the train station you must have Western identification that shows you are either a Faculty or Staff member
  • There are no transaction fees when the ticket is purchased directly from VIA

2. Book through Direct Travel:

  • Call or email your preferred travel management company to request your ticket(s) (visit our Preparing to Travel website for more information)
  • Tickets can be charged directly to your speedcode
  • There is no need to complete a travel expense report if a speedcode is charged
  • A transaction fee applies

Please email with any questions.