Western Travel Desk Rebranding & 2020 Claims Backup

Nov 12, 2020

The Western University Travel Desk is rebranding on November 23rd, 2020

Please contact the Western Reimbursement Desk via email at reimburse@uwo.ca* or extension 85499 for support, guidance, and consultation related to Advances, Paper or Electronic Expense Claims and PER reimbursements.

This change is being implemented to accurately describe what our team** can assist with, which is so much more than reimbursements related to travel!

*E-mails to travel@uwo.ca will continue to be received, reimburse@uwo.ca will be masking this address.

**There have been no changes to the team members. We will continue to be located at SSB 6100.

2020 Expense claim backup

On November 23rd, Western Financials & Grants is upgrading to a new, user-friendly interface that allows expense claims to be submitted with electronic backup attached!

MAPP 2.16 Policy for Travel & Expense Reimbursements will not be changing, and the associated Procedures will be updated accordingly to accept the electronic backup as the new “original” receipt.

Paper backup for claims submitted to date may now be sent via intercampus mail to Reimbursements – SSB 6100.

When sending in the backup for Manual paper claims for non-employees/guests please clearly indicate DUPLICATE COPY if this has already been sent electronically to avoid duplicate payments.

2020 Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) backup

Electronic attachments will continue to be accepted for PER submissions

Paper backup for any claims that have not been either emailed or attached in PeopleSoft can be sent via intercampus mail to Reimbursements – SSB 6100.

Please do not send paper backup for any claims that have been emailed or electronically attached to Financial Services 

Travel & PCard related resources

Questions relating to PCards and their monthly reconciliations can be directed via email to pcard@uwo.ca.

Preparing to travel and have some questions? Please visit the Procurement Services website or send an email to procurement@uwo.ca.

Need assistance with booking travel through our preferred vendor FCM?  Send an email to western@fcmtravel.ca.