Electronic Submission of PER & Expense Claims Temporarily Accepted

As we continue to operate in a mix of on campus and remote work environments, Western Finance will be accepting PER and Expense claims electronically if the hard copy of original is not available to be submitted at this time.

The electronic file must adhere to the following:

  • One PDF
  • Cover page first
  • Relevant backup (i.e. invoice, receipt, proof of payment)
  • Good quality
  • Each page is right side up

If these criteria are not met, the claim will be returned for revision.

Claimant is required to retain original receipts until further instruction.

PER claims may either use the new receipt attachment feature in peoplesoft OR email travel@uwo.ca after initial approvals.

Expense claims can be emailed to travel@uwo.ca after initial approvals.

We are working on introducing new electronic submission options for expense claims. This project is a priority and we will communicate implementation information as it becomes available.

Please email travel@uwo.ca with any questions or concerns.