Procurement Policy Changes – MAPP 2.8 and 2.9 – Effective June 21, 2018

June 25, 2018

Effective June 21st, 2018, the Board of Governors has approved changes to several financial MAPPs (Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures) including the following Procurement MAPPs:

MAPP 2.8 – Procurement of Materials and Services

MAPP 2.9 – Asset Management - Central Inventory and Disposal 

MAPP 2.8 – Procurement of Materials and Services


Authority levels to commit the University have increased. The limits are for any one transaction, taking into account optional extensions, through the execution of Purchase Orders, contracts and agreements (i.e. service, licensing and maintenance agreements/warranties, and non-consulting services).

  • Section 9.00 – The President’s or VP’s (Operations & Finance) level has increased sub-section (a), with authority up to $7.5M which is consistent with the MAPP 2.15 – Approval of Capital Projects.
  • Section 10.00 – Ongoing expenses for purchases that have already been approved during Western’s regular budget approval process (e.g. insurance, library expenses) can be approved by the Vice President, Operations & Finance or the Associate Vice-President, Financial Services.
  • Section 11.00 – The authority to sign contracts with utility suppliers has increased as follows:

(a)   Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management)                                         $4,000,000
        and Director, Procurement Services                                                                    
(b)   Vice-President (Operations & Finance)                                                 over $4,000,000
         or designate or President


  • Section 9.00 – All software acquisitions, including those that are provided free of charge or as a trial, must be documented and assessed through Western’s Third Party Service Risk Assessment. Software acquisitions may also be subject to a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) if determined by the risk assessment review.


MAPP 2.9 – Asset Management - Central Inventory and Disposal

Note: MAPP 2.19 has been combined with 2.9.

Capitalization levels and asset disposal value and age have changed as follows:

  • Section 1.00 – Increased the equipment capitalization level from $5K to $20K.
  • Section 3.00 – Tagged University assets with an estimated disposed fair market value under $2500 (previously $250), or that are greater than 7 years old, may be disposed of by the individual user departments. However, the end user department will be responsible for ensuring that proper tax is collected and remitted and the proceeds deposited and properly accounted for. The asset disposal requisition will clearly indicate the disposition of these assets and will be forwarded to Procurement Services
  • Section 4.01 – Increased value of equipment tagged from $5K to $20K.


The revised policies and procedures can be accessed on the University Secretariat page or on our Financial Services page:

Questions or concerns should be directed to Procurement Services at