• Seniors teaching seniors to get fit | April 25, 2019

    The CCAA recently partnered with Go P.E.I. to get more older adults in communities in Prince Edward Island active. Newly trained TEP and Ball facilitators will partner with P.E.I. assisted living facilities to expand the reach of the program by training seniors and staff members to deliver classes in their facilities.

  • Hear and meet BodyBreak stars at R2A 2019! | March 20, 2019

    The CCAA is celebrating 30 years of activity and aging at R2A 2019 with a little help from our friends Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod from BodyBreak!

  • All exercise intensities benefit older brains | February 28, 2019

    Older adults who engage in short bursts of physical activity can experience a boost in brain health even if the activity is carried out at a reasonably low intensity, according to a new Western study.

  • CCAA welcomes Cardiac Fitness Institute members | March 27, 2018

    The CCAA, in consultation with London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), is pleased to have developed new fitness opportunities at the CCAA as a meaningful option for members of LHSC’s Cardiac Fitness Institute (CFI), which is slated to close on April 27, 2018.

  • Bringing healthy aging to the community | March 08, 2018

    500 Londoners stay limber, mobile and active, minimize disease and maximize their independence by participating in fitness classes available two or three times a week at Western’s Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging.

  • Seniors' simple falls prompt costly paramedic visits | September 07, 2018

    New research led by Health Studies professor Aleksandra Zecevic shows that London-area paramedics are spending at least a month's worth of time each year literally picking up seniors who have called emergency services for help in getting up after a fall.