Certification & Courses

The CCAA provides evidence-based, active aging education for healthcare professionals, fitness leaders, volunteers and family members. CCAA programs promote accountable and effective functional mobility for older adults exercising in a variety of settings including community locations, long term care facilities, retirement living, adult day programs, and at home.

Senior Fitness Instructor Certification (SFIC)

A Senior Fitness Instructor Certification recognises individuals as having sound foundational knowledge and practical ability to program and deliver quality group exercise programs for older adults.


Tiered Exercise Program (TEP)

A 10-exercise full body progressive program for older adults that require improved functional mobility and independence. Suitable for individuals involved in home care, retirement residences or long-term care facility programs.


Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP)

A staple of the CCAA education curriculum, first delivered in 1999, will no longer exist as a stand-alone course.


Restorative Care Education Training (RCET)

A course designed to build knowledge and skills to aid frail, older adults living in care facilities to improve their functional mobility and independence in their activities of daily living.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the most common questions and answers about CCAA education and leadership programs.