Seniors' Fitness Instructor Course & Certification

Certification as a Seniors’ Fitness Instructor from the CCAA recognizes proficiency in leading the evidence-based, standard-setting exercise program for older adults developed by CCAA through Western’s School of Kinesiology. SFIC certification is maintained by demonstrating ongoing excellence in delivering the program.


Seniors' Fitness Instructor Course

Learn the effects of aging and the benefits of physical activity for older adults, exercise principles for special conditions including arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and others.



Mentorship is a key feature of the SFIC training program. To become certified, SFIC candidates must complete 18 hours of mentorship with a certified senior fitness instructor.



Certification demonstrates that a fitness leader has the appropriate knowledge and skills to lead safe and effective exercise programs for older adults.



Look for a simplified renewal cycle and process beginning in March 2024. The upcoming changes will make it easier and more convenient for instructors to maintain certification.


Continuing Education

From workshops & seminars to online courses there are many opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge in specific areas related to activity and aging.


Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance (PLI) protects professionals including fitness professionals against negligence and other claims initiated by participants or clients.