Tiered Exercise Program


A Revitalized TEP in September 2022

The Tiered Exercise Program (TEP) has been revised and revitalized. The new TEP workshop will launch in September 2022. The program still offers a simple screening tool to aid leaders in assigning participants to one of three exercise tiers consisting of 10-exercises. However, several components have been refreshed and the course now offers:

  • A broader selection of exercises
  • A progressive flow of exercises from tier to tier
  • A greater focus on upper extremity and trunk challenges
  • A balanced, whole body, functionally challenging program
  • A focus on progression to support increased individual independence and well-being

The mode of delivery for the TEP workshop has also undergone significant upgrades to improve the learning experience. The CCAA has partnered with Western University’s Design Education Team to redesign and digitize the workshop. The new hybrid mode of delivery includes a suite of interactive, multimedia, and self-paced learning modules. All learners will complete a section of the workshop asynchronously (i.e., self-paced and offline). The other section will either be attended live and online, or live and in-person.

About the course

This exercise program is designed for older adults who experience frailty due to diminished physical capacity. Regular participation in this simple progressive exercise program helps to promote independence and improve functional mobility, general health and mental well-being. The TEP consists of 3 tiers of strength, balance and cardiorespiratory exercises of differing intensity targeted to 3 levels of ability. Each tier is comprised of 10 simple, progressive exercises designed to improve the strength, balance, and mobility of participants. Through this training, students learn how to assign participants to tiers and progress them through the program individually or in a group setting. Course fee: $125.00 + tax.

Who Should Take TEP?

  • Front-line staff, caregivers and family members who engage with frail older adults

What to Expect

This is a self-directed course offered through our online learning management system. You will engage online with your class and instructor during a live Zoom session.



Alberta Health Services staff ONLY. Register for the AHS closed course.