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Highlighting high-quality, innovative research in fields related to health and aging from Western researchers, as well as national and international research associates.

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Stories from 2023

Explore the SuperAging Research Initiative and the Canadian home of SA research!

Stories from 2022

Topics include: Brain health, caregiver challenges and more!

Stories from 2021

Topics include: Physiotherapy, international research, dementia, and more!


Other Research Stories

More news featuring CCAA Research Associates' work


Stories from 2020

Featuring CCAA Research Associates: Lorie Donnelle, Marco Prado, Alison Rushton, Cheryl Forchuk, Joy Mac Dermid, Anita Kothari, Aleksandra Zecevic & Carrie Hand.


Stories from 2019

Featuring CCAA Research Associates: Marco Prado, Ingrid Johnsrude, Matt Heath, Glen Belfry, Debbie Laliberte Rudman, Cheryl Forchuk, Laura Gonzalez & Matt Heath.


Stories from 2018

Featuring CCAA Research Associates: Ingrid Johnsrude, Matt Heath, Cheryl Forchuk, Lorie Donelle & Matt Heath.


Stories from 2017

Featuring CCAA Research Associates: Susan Scollie, Anita Kothari, Manuel Montero-Odasso, Susan Hunter & Alison Doherty.