Exercise Programs


Senior Fitness 8-Week Program

In partnership with the City of London, we are pleased to introduce a new exercise program at Medway Community Centre in London, Ontario. This program is geared towards enhancing the health and well-being in our citizens 55+. The program consists of 60-minute group exercise sessions to introduce and ingrain core concepts to help participants incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives. Each session includes exercises that target strength, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, and balance.

The program will last 8 weeks with sessions occurring 3x/week (Mon, Wed, Fri). All exercise sessions will be led by Senior Fitness Instructors (SFIC) as certified by the CCAA.

Participants will also have the added benefit of a comprehensive functional fitness assessment along with individualized feedback performed by experts from the CCCA. Fitness assessments will occur at the beginning and at the end of the 8 week period so participants can track their progress over the 8 weeks of the program.

Registration opens soon!

ReJuv Health

The Advanced Medical Group (AMG) offers ReJuv Health, an exercise program geared towards improving the functional fitness levels of older adults in London, Ontario. The program consists of 60-minute, small group exercise sessions. The sessions include 30 minutes of aerobic and balance exercise, followed by 30 minutes of strength exercise with resistance training machines and stretching. ReJuv Health classes are offered twice a week on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. The program runs monthly with new spaces opening up at the beginning of each month. AMG is located in Old North at the corner of Richmond and Victoria Streets, and offers free on-site parking as well as free street parking. Exercise sessions are led by certified seniors' fitness instructors (SFIC) and Registered Kinesiologists (RKIN).

ReJuv Health participants receive a comprehensive CCAA-administered functional fitness assessment prior to starting the program and again after 12 weeks of participation. Participants will also receive individualized assessement results feedback from experienced CCAA fitness assessors.